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So I decided to head over to play in the $55 Derby tourney that they have every Tuesday. Get there around 3pm, and shortly after I see James walking in. He gets in a 4/8 game and we're playing for a bit while waiting for the tourney. Have a beer next door and head back for the start of the event.

So I'm doing pretty well. Nothing super exciting to report for most of the tourney... we get down to 2 tables finally and I see that James is still in it holding his own pretty well, and also I see that Worm is in the thing too (didn't even know he was playing). His chip stack is pretty big, which comes as no suprise given that he's a very good tournament player.

Fast forward, and we're at the final table. Me (average stack), James (somewhat short stacked), and Worm (probably chip leader at this point). Also some other faces I've seen before at Derby.

Biggest hand of the tourney comes down when we're about 9 handed. Blinds are 2000/4000 I think. Early position opens for a decent 3x raise. Worm looks for a sec, then pushes his monster stack in. I'm on the button and look down to see 99. Pretty good hand, but Worms got me covered... so I think for a bit... put Worm on big cards and thought that he was trying to maybe take down the pot there... I call. Early raiser folds AK. WORM turns up a monster KK!!!! I'm dead! Then we see the flop. 99x. I've flopped 2 pair of the best variety. K on the turn keeps people out of their seat, but no case K on the river and I just about triple up. That puts me in a huge position. Sorry Worm, you were way ahead it's just part of this stupid game that we love so much to play.

After that I have the chips to play aggresive, and I buy tons of blinds. Worm and James both go out somewhere in the (5-6th range?). At one point I have over 100,000 chips, which is 60% of them all. But I make some mistakes, and by the time the guy to my right takes out the 3rd place finisher, we're pretty much dead even in chips. We decide not to chop and just play it out. He slow plays his AQ on the blind, and I bluff at the flop when I flop bottom pair with backdoor flush draw when the flop is A97 2 spades. No help and I'm again out in 2nd. That's 3 2nd place finishes for me, but still pays a cool $1000.

Good job BYOC! We have some strong players in our group, and if Worm had taken that hand then my money would have been on him as a strong favorite. Take care guys. Going camping Friday, so I'll be out of the loop for a week. See ya' all later!

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