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BYOC Charity Fund

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Given the Tsunami disaster in Asia is claiming so many victims, I am thinking of putting together a BYOC charity fund to help the less fortunate people in the world (i.e., some type of a permanent charity fund not just specifically for this particular event). I would like some suggestions to how to put this together.

Here are some of my thoughts:

1. In each BYOC game a $5 chip (equivalent for a cash game to $0.25 in a $50 buy in and $0.125 in a $25 buy in, etc.) will be taken out of every pot towards this charity fund (say a bowl next to the dealer to keep these chips). However, No Flop No Drop. I figure we could probably collect on the average about $4.00 per hour (it will cost each player $0.40 per hour to play in the game, hardly a dent compare to what you pay in a casino. Plus, it goes towards a good cause.)

2. In a tournament say a fixed percentage, say 5%, will be taken out of the prize pool towards the charity fund.

3. Either way at the end of the evening the host for that particular game will tally up the money (also, big winners that night could also voluntarily add on to this fund). Then the host will write a check in the next few days on behalf of BYOC to his or her favorite charity. This is strickly an honor system.

I calculate that we, as a group, would be able to give conservatively $1,000 a year to a worthy cause.

Let me know what you think.

BTW, there is a poker player named Barry Greenstein who contributes 100% of his winnings in tournaments towards charity.
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I know I run the risk of looking like a selfish ass with anything that appears to oppose charity but....

This is a noble effort, but this type of thing starts becoming a "political" issue and I would really rather not see something like this become part of our regular game. I'm also not crazy about a permanent rake, even if it would be going to a good cause.

Here's what I would suggest regarding this type of effort:
Set up a voluntary donation jar that people could chip into if they wanted to. "Forced" donations are not something I would participate in even if I was inclined to want to donate to that cause.

If you wanted to run a specific event for the purpose of raising some money for a specific charity, that's your right as a host. I regularly participate in charity events (Motorcycle Toy Runs) and I have no problem with the once in a while concept. But if I had to donate to charity everytime I got on my bike, it would really ruin the fun of riding.
I have to agree with Hagar on this one. I give to charities of my choosing each year. If I were to give in this instance I would probably make a donation to the Red Cross or Food Relief Effort going on over there.

I think it could become a sticky situation to collect money as a part of our normal games. I also have no problem with a charity jar at all the games as well. But then you would have to bring the non-profit donation statements to the games for those who care to see where the donation money is going.

Lastly, the only other reason I would disagree with your initial way of doing this is because there are laws in place on how people can collect money for charities....particularly the collecting money in accordance with raffles or any type of gambling or chance games. Would not want to introduce those headaches into our game.

Thanks for generous thinking on this topic Tom and I would be happy to offer some winnings on a regular basis to a charity jar.
I am not opposed to donating but not on an "every game" basis. I can barely afford to play as it is.....LOL!

I was watching the special on the tsunami last night and found it very intersting that the US of A donated $35 million dollars and then Pfizer (the drug company) matched
I'll pass on the raked games.
If a host wishes to do a donation jar and coordinate getting that to you to send off, then I'd support that.
Raking pots for the cause does not interest me.

I, also, agree that how and to whom individuals contribute money is a personal and private thing. I also think that the less straight-forward our games are, the more we are apt to get into some sort of hot water. An open jar idea is fine. It was a good idea, however, Ace-In-Space.
Hey guys, I was trying to create the same atmosphere you would experience in a Vegas casino (i.e., every pot is raked).

Oh well, thanks for the feelback. I guess we will just do our own donations.
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