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I know this is a shameless plug, but I continue to get the questoins, more ideas, etc.

For those of you who have played on BYOC poker tables, and are wondering how the table came to be, ideas to build one, how much it costs to build one, the step by step instructions on building one, etc. etc.

Visit for a detailed view of building a poker table with a wealth of information, planning ideas, thoughts, etc.

Scott Keen, another friend of mine back East put togeher a great page as well:
Scott Keen also has a poker table forum, much like this one for poker table building discussions.

Chris Norric has a well put together site that is worth checking out with a little different style table:

One last one that I like and recently recieved pictures and info from is: I like this not only that is it poker, but it is also in a great location.
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