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Books For Sale - Low Price for all!!!

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I have:

Super System
Caro's book of tells
Hold'em Poker (Sklansky)
Hold'em for Advanced Players (Sklansky and Malmuth)

$20 for all of them. This is a package deal only.
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I have Carro's book of Tells and holdem for advanced players.
I'd be interested in splitting this for the other two. Any takers?
I will take all of them under these conditions:

1. Hold Em Poker (Sklansky) if it were the newer edition (I don't want the old version which is only 63 pages).

2. Caro's book if it is the newer edition (I don't want the old version which is 294 pages).

3. My offer price is $19.99 (this is negotiable)

Let me know if that's ok and we will arrange for the transaction.

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Both books you questioned have more pages then that so they are yours for a crisp $20 bill if you still want them.

I will be at Worm's game on Saturday or I can just bring them to a game you will be at in the near future.

Let me know.
I will

If Tom doesn't want them, then I will buy them. Thanks!
To BigKahuna: Done! I am less than 50% for your bro's game though. Please call me so we could meet in the next few days 396-9088. Or give me your phone no.

To SacTeach: I will sell you some of the duplicates I have for a reasonable price after I get BK's books. Give me your phone no. so we could meet or call me at the no. above.
If there are still books floating around, I'm interested in the Caro one...
bumpity bump
All Gone.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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