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Black widow and Packin in Las Vegas

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the wife and I did a poker trip to Vegas last weekend. Caught up with Shannon and Lydia (sp?). SJ and Quads and their ladies had to cancel their plans to come along at the last minute, but both for very valid reasons. So Heather and I were a little bummed, but not mad at all. Stayed at Bellagio and scored the poker rate, which was sweet. Played alot there, some at Mirage, and some at the palms. NL tables at the palms were really juicy w/ plenty of action. Did well there. But the 8/16 tables at Bellagio weren't so nice to me. Very tough competition at the table i was at. Mirage 6/12 was good though, pretty fishey. For the trip, I ended up and Heather down, so it was about a wash.
One time at Bellagio, they opened up a new 4/8 table, so i sat down for a while with Heather. Only available table was the one up in the Hi-limit area, so we ended up sitting right by Dave Sklansky, who was playing 80-160 holdem. Met him and got him to sign one of his books that i happened to have on the trip.
There were a few other pros out and about too. Gus Hansen and Johnny Chan were at a table with about 5 others playing NL 4000/8000 blinds. I think each bought in with about $250k. I figured i probably should avoid that game, since my bankroll couldn't even let me post the small blind!!
Oh yeah, and Gus Hansen was totally checking out Heather! I looked over and caught him staring her down one time. (I was totally thinking..."you may have a quarter of a mill of chips in front of you...but i have a hot wife!" BTW, he looks much smaller in person. Probably about 5'7" 150lbs.
So i don't have time to post a "hagar" report, but i do hope to go back to Vegas soon for another trip.
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Glad to hear you held your own at the real Bellagio (not Rancho)! It sounds much more exciting than my recent trip to the Limelight, where I got to sit next to an obnoxious guy named Mitch who, when he wasn't reminding everyone to tip the dealer, kept showing me the hands (5-2, 9-4, etc..) that he was staying in with.
Fantastic to hear that a good time was had by all. I got a trip report from Shannon and am still sorry that we unfortunantly had to miss the trip.

We should start planning the next.
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