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Black Sheep Thursday Sit n Go's

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Last night I get a call from James.
Crying like a little bitch, he says “Heather flew out of town for the weekend and I’m lonely. You want to hang out?”
I replied, “as long as I don’t have to ride on your scooter….”
So after listening to Slim Jim, I rolled up to his house to get him out and hit the strip joint.
We remembered that the Black Sheep was running “Sit n Go Thursdays” so thought that on our way to the strip joint, we’d roll through there. I wasn’t planning on playing cards earlier, so I didn’t get any cash, but I had a few buck in my pocket. We got to the BS and they were in progress 4 handed in a SNG. Then there were 3… those three worked to knock out the one small stack and ended up chopping the booty. The way they run their SNG’s is a 10 person SNG, $25+5 and First Place pays. Nothing for second, third, etc. IF you are heads up and you want to get it over with and chop, you are allowed to make any deal you wish.

Slim Jim and I sat around for a few until they got the next one on the way. You start with 1,000 in chips, 15 minute rounds and the blind start at 10/25 and go to 25/50, 50/100 100/200 and so on. It’s an aggressive structure, but it gets the game on and gets rid of people, which at the end of the day is what a tourney is supposed to do.

I went out 4th on a had that cost my pretty much most all of my chip stack by Dave who was on a straight draw and caught his Queen on the river. I had a made hand of top two pair and was betting it very aggressively and he continued to follow, I moved all in, and he called turn was a rag, river, 4 outter, straight.

That left Slim Jim the short stack, Dude, Dave and one other. Dude was knocked out, and it ended up being heads up with Slim Jim who was not a monster stack, but if the cards fell the right way could have been a contender. They decided to chop it and give Slim Jim his buy in back so he wouldn’t cry and Dave took the rest of the loot and ran.

We opened up the other table for a cash game. It’s pretty much majority rules when all the players are deciding what to play. We were talking about $5/10 or $6/12 but ended up playing $2/4 NL. We were 7 handed for a while until Nate started pushing chips around and went on MAJOR tilt after not hitting a few hands. He rebought and was still tilting in a major way. Slim Jim had Rockets, I had Kd/Qd and Nate had something I don’t recall exactly, but it was a decent starting hand. I raised, made it 10 to go, Nate called, Slim Jim reraises to some ridiculous amount, I think it was $60 or so. I fold, everyone else does as well, and Nate, still tilting, worse that SJ on a suckout calls his bet. They flip over and the rockets held up. Nate made his was out and then there were 6. The action was pretty solid and we were still building some pretty nice pots, even on a 6 handed game.

I’m on the button, I get 8h/10h and raise with everyone calling the $4 BB. I made it 10 to go. Mild raise, lets build a pot and see if I hook up a flop. Callers all around. Flop 8/8/3. Hmmmm… not bad, trips… there is some potential here. Bet, call, Slim Jim raises to $20 or so, two other callers, I call. Turn, Q. Same thing. Slim Jim bets out 10 or so, everyone folds to me I raise it to $25, he calls. River is a 7. No flush, possible full house, no straight. Slim Jim leads out with $30. I study the board and notice that his favorite “**** scooter hand” is out there, Q/3 and figuring that he is in one of the blinds, he is playing his Q/3 and now has a Canadian Full House. (three pair). I jab at him a few times to try and see where he is and am feeling pretty confident on my trip 8’s with a 10 kicker. Shitty kicker, but trip 8’s are beating the top two pair, should he have a Q. I reraise him to $60. He jabs at me to get a read, and ends up calling me. We flip over and I show my 8/10 and he shows 8/9. I shout SEND IT! 8, 8, 8, Q, 10 plays. Out kicked by one. Slim Jim owed the cuss pot a few bucks after that and I scooped a pretty large pot.

We lost another player after that and were 5 handed and played for a few more orbits to round out the night.
It was a good tangle with several good and highly contested hands. Dave took the tourney, Slim Jim got even and ended up taking a few out of the cash game, even after we danced in that pot.

The best part of it all, was this. When we get in the cash game, I ask him, “hey, spot me a bill so I don’t have to pay the $9.00 ATM fee and I’ll get you back after the game or tomorrow or what ever” He does, so I got a rack in the game to start with.

So in summary, he calls me to get me out to play cards, spots my way in to the game, and tangles with me on a huge pot. That’s what friends are for.
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I'm not sure what was most painful part of that big pot I lost to Quads??? :
1. The fact that i asked him to come out and play some cards, or
2. The fact that i got outkicked with my 9 by a 10!, or
3. The fact that it was about a $300 pot, or
2. The fact that my dumb ass lent him the $100 for his buy-in!!

No, all teasing aside, it was a fun night. Props to Quads on some good poker.
Sounds like fun. Give me a buzz next time and I'll walk on over and play a few hands or swing by and pick my ass up. I could use the practice in some SNG's.
Did QUADS pay you back plus a little share of the profit?
I actually thought about calling you to see if you were interested in the SNG's last night, but i remember you had said you were pretty busy this week. We'll catch you next time...
No sweat on that and sounds good for next time.

I more than likely couldn't have went for hours, but I might have been able to slip away for an SNG. :twisted: I'll probably see you there next Thursday cause it sounds like fun.
What time do they start the SNgs and how many do they run?

I might be able to do a couple of them on a Thursday night.
Thursdays are 2 SNG's starting at about 6pm. After that they run a cash game, with the limit determined by a vote of the players. Last night it was NL $2/4 blinds, 40-100 buy in. That seems to be a popular choice after the SNG's on Thursdays.
If there are enough people standing around and or who is there wants to keep running the SNG's they will keep them going but ultimatly want to get a cash game going.

And yes, I paid Slim Jim back, minus my transaction fee for borrowing money.
Sounds like you guys had a fun night...

James, since BW is still out of town for the weekend, are you thinking of hitting up CC or Tahoe? I'm still down for that, maybe Jasen wants to come along? Let me know... I posted interest in your thread last night.

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