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$100 buyin, 2 table freezeout tourney - 17 players and no alternates . $1000 starting stack. $50 buys 500 in chips after the third round.

3rd hand: KK on the button. 9 handed table, 3 or 4 limpers + the blinds yet to make a decision. I raise to 300 and get a caller. The flop comes 8xx - pretty uncoordinated. I bet 300. and my oponent calls. The next card pairs the 8, I bet 100 and my oponent calls. we both check on the river and my limping caller flips AKs. I drag a 850ish pot.

Generally cold cards thereafter- several 73, 52, k3's etc. Unfortunately a couple hit and would have been winners. So I played a couple and bled my stack a little.

Dont remember alot about the hands in between then and the final table. I entered the final table with ~2000 in chips, which was on the low end. Lost a hand with AQo when the flop came A87 pairing both the 8 and 7 of my oponent. Luckily he was on the short stack and I only lost ~500. Won a big pot after limping with JJ after a raise and 3 callers. I was in the blind and went all in for my remaining $600ish against 2 big stacks and one of the shorter stacks, when the flop delivered a J. All three called, giving me a comfortable chip position at that time.

Took a risk when we were 7 handed. I had ~3000 in chips. Blinds were 200/400. The big blind was short stacked, with about 200 remaining. there were a couple of limpers, putting about 1400 in the pot. I held J10s. My thought was that this hand was likely a better hand than what the blind had, if we were heads up. I raised 1000 to isolate the big blind. Everyone folded but him, and he turned over Q7o. The flop brought a Q and i lost the hand. This player ended up taking 3rd.

The defining hand of the game for me was one I wasnt involved in. With 4 of us remaining, the short stack had perhaps 900 in chips, I had maybe 2300 and the two big stacks were about even with 11000 each. They raised and reraised preflop to about 5000 in the pot. The river was blank, and both checked, but the turn brought an A. One went all in, and the other called. Both had real hands, one with (as I remember) AK and one with KK. In 2 minutes I went from looking at a possible 3rd to a guarenteed third and playing for second. The blinds were huge (800/1600) and the short stack went out. I was in the big blind with the next hand, and was raised all in. Not calling left me with 800, and just enough to see the next hand; calling gave me the chance for 4000 in chips, enought to wait a couple of hands. I called. My 53 didnt stand up to his K10.

I finished 2nd, the purse was $535.

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