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Well i had my biggest cash out at a poker table tonight over at Black sheep. I cashed out at 550 and bought in for 100. I know most of you have had much bigger sessions then this but i usually only play 3/6 limit so this was huge for me.

It was to bad seeing casper go out so fast. 2 racks in about 15 mins had to hurt and i couldnt blame him for leaving but it would have been nice to have his company longer.

I think i might have a new favorite starting hand, poket deuces. The first time i had them i was in small blind and the pot was raised from $2 to $7, there was 5 callers in front of me so i figured i'd give it a shot. The board came out A92 I checked and the guy next went all in. Everyone folded, I called, and the guy had poker 7's, i dont know what he was thinking but it made me a quick 50.

The next time i got dealt pokets 2's was a monster. This time i was in big blind and once again the pot got raised to $7. Again there was 5 or 6 callers so i called and gave it a go. The board came out 752 with the 7 and 5 being suited. I check someone bets 5, 2 people call and then it gets raised to 15, I want to get the flush draws out so i make a huge bet and raised it to 60. To my disbelief I get 2 callers who had to go all in to call and then original raiser goes all in for about 100. So it is 40 more for me to call which i do of couse. The two callers were both on flush draws so they had each others outs and the all-in raiser had 2 pair 7 and 2's. The turn and river were very kind to me. I think i made a profit of around 250 on that hand, probably the biggest hand ive had so far my in poker career. Pocket deuces gotta love em.


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I "modded" your subject line for you!

I came over to that table and look at the mountain of chips you had. I also saw that hand where you had the sets and had some DOLT on the other end of the table calling you with two pair, two's and sevens.

Great play on your part all through the night. I am still in my funk of cards and ripped through several racks while there. I hope to flush out this shit run of cards.. SOON!

Look at your game, identify where you are successful, what is building stacks for you and DON'T CHANGE IT! Identify you weak points and be aware of them. What ever you are doing in your game is working. You get respect at a table and do well. Keep up te good work. Very nicely done last night. LOVE seeing our home group players take money off that table.

(almost as good as seeing people call a huge bet with 7/2o)

Sorry I missed the action that would of been fun to watch. I seen you play last time I was there and witnessed you trapping some opponents and whoopen up. Good Job!

I've been trying to get there every week but we are in the process of moving and I just haven't been able to get it done.

Maybe next week.
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