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I was glad to see and liked the action at the black sheep tonight.
It was nice playing at the same $1/$2 blinds with a $5 dollar bring in. Always seems to create great action pre and post flop and keeps the betting strong through the hand.

Still on my ass raped with a plunger run of cards.

Can't win with Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces.
Can't win with A/K, A/Q or A/J
Can't win with A/Rag
Can't win with 4 to a flush
Can't hit an open ended straight draw.

At one point in time I was back even, and I guess, as we always say, I should have walked away at that point. Then I get these monster starting hands, and 4/5ths of a hand make me on the flop.

Larry on the other hand made a great hand. Rivered a K to make his A/J stand up against my Aces. Nice catch.

Bluffed at a few of them as well. (I know, .....shocker)
I think I might golf tomorrow with just a driver and a wedge.

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Wow, I didnt'realize they have a $5 bring in @ the BS. Interesting.
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