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I strolled in Saturday night to take in some No Limit Action. They are starting a NL game on Saturday nights where the blinds are 2/4 rather than 1/2 as they are on Wed. nights.

After sitting down, I took down a few decent pots which put me up about double my buy in. Then it went cold. Really, I feel like Hagar.
I'd get a hand, take a (small) pot, and then sit idle for two or three orbits. I'd get some rocket hand, and would hit nothing on the flop. See a turn card for 4 bucks and still nothing. Get out of the hand to see someone else who was sitting in the BB was nursing their two pair.

I had Kasper on my right who was in about the same condition. He'd take a pot, then sit for an hour. 4 hours later, I'm bored out of my mind, I get 7/7 in the hole and shove with my $65 or so left in front of me. bye bye.... (I surprisingly did this about an hour earlier, on the button, blind, shoved with $50 or so, and got action, and ended up hitting an ace on the river for 2 pair (I think it was A/7 or something).

Interesting play that night. Much different than the typical Wed night game that I'm used to.

Considering the past sessions at the BS, I'll gladly take one night of cold cards.
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