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BK's Mixed Game structure for Nov. 12 event

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So here is my basic format for all the games I plan to offer in a given night. I may only offer 3 games in one night but wanted a critique on the total format. As this is just starting out, I want to keep the stakes at a comfortable level until the games and format are second nature...especially for the people dealing on any given
night. I think the dealing duties will be the most confusing part. After we are all comfrtable with the levels, we will move-up to a $100 buy-in game.

After feedback, I will put the evite out tomorrow or Saturday for the Nov. 12 game. Right now I am leaning toward a NL HE, O8, 7CS evening but I might just do the whole HORSE format to see how it goes and see what the favorites are. I would like to introduce 2-7 TD further down the road but I have no idea on the format right now.
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Can I suggest that we save the PL idea until after we're a little more comfortable with the overall format? PL will slow the game down quite a bit and Omaha (especially hi/low) tends to be pretty slow anyway. (I think we played like 8 hands in the hour we played it in Doc's mixed game experiment. That was extreme - I know - but I'd be surprised if we played 15 hands/hr of Omaha.) Constantly counting down the pot and calculating the max bet will slow things down even more. I'm not against a PL game (I know I probably sound like I am sometimes), but I think we'll be dealing with enough "new" for at least a few sessions, that we don't need to start there.

I think your stakes are good for getting started.

The stud games need clarifiaction as you are accounting for 6 betting rounds: $1 on the door card (third st. bring in) $2 on 4th and 5th, $3 on 6th, 7th and ?.

If we were to try the Triple Draw, $1, $1, $2, $2 would probably be plenty high (with .50/1 blinds). That game will get some huge pots even at that level. I don't know that that game would play 8 handed; UB plays it 6 handed (at least on the play money tables) and there is usually a reshuffle involved.

Just my thoughts, looking forward to it as an alternative - I for one don't want to stray too far from our NL Hold'em only nights. (As always, I'd be happy to deal if you like.)
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I like everything about it. Especially PLO and PL. Some may noy be, but I'm a huge fan of Pot Limit Games. I agree on holding off on Duce to 7.

Can't wait to get in the game.
Hagar, I think BK means $2 on 3rd and 4th st. and $4 on 5th, 6th and 7th. There is a $1 force bet on 3rd st. which you could complete to $2. I assume on 7cs you could bet $1 or $2 is there is a pair showing (you could bet $2 even if you are not the one with the open pair, I bet a lot of people don't know that.)

FYI: Omaha 8 is usually played with limit. Omaha High is usually played PL, so I am not sure if BK you want to play Omaha 8 with PL.
What about holdem NL and the rest of games 2/4??? If you are talking omaha you are talking my language and stud as well... How do u play Razz and 2-7?
What about them? Don't understand your question.

Hagar, I understand your concerns about PL but I want to start out the way it should be played and we will work through the growing pains. That is why I will most likely start with only 3 games offered on mixed games night and progress form there. I will change Omaha 8 to a 2/4 limit structure instead of PL. Ace, you were spot on with my 7CS thinking although I was not sure about the "pairing" bet. I will be brushing up on all the rules before we have the game.

Hagar, I would appreciate back-up dealing duties for that evening. Looks like the structure should work fine for our first game. I will send evite out tonight.
The standard casino game on 7CS you have the option to either bet the lower or the higher limit (say $2/$4) if there is a pair showing on 4th Street. You don't have to be the one who's holding the pair to bet. Say the person with the pair of 2's check, the next player can bet $2 or $4. Say he bets $2, the 3rd player (or the person holding the pair of 2's) can raise to $4 or $6. In the latter case it is a checkraise.
I think I will just stick with standard limit play on this one Ace. Straight $2 on first 2 rounds and $4 on the last 3 rounds for now.
BigKahuna said:
I think I will just stick with standard limit play on this one Ace. Straight $2 on first 2 rounds and $4 on the last 3 rounds for now.
Ya but if you're doing structured limit that is a standard rule, only when a pair is showing on 4th street. If you don't like that rule you should do a spread limit like $1-5 to make it easier for everyone to understand.
Thanks Shiz and Ace. I will be reviewing the complete rules prior to game and will include that rule so that everything makes sense and is in the true spirit of how the game is played.

After all, my main goal in introducing a regular mixed game is to be able to enter the bigger tourneys and casino cash games and be totally familiar with the standard rules.
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