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I've heard lots of BYOC'ers talk about babysitter issues, so this seems like a good place for this little advertisement...

My step-daughter is 13 years old and she babysits quite a bit. She's a freshman at a private Catholic school...not that it means anything, except for the fact that she is a mature, responsible girl. Her name is Ali.

She is child CPR certified and has taken "babysitter classes" at the Learning Exchange. Her step-mom also owns a daycare center and Ali regularly works there to make a few bucks and help out her step-mom. In other words, she's got lots of experience.

She'd love to pick up some more babysitting work. Jami and I would be happy to have her babysit for PEOPLE WE KNOW. We're not inclined to let her do so for strangers, but if I know you and you're ever looking for a sitter, feel free to give me a call or send me an email about it. There's no way you'd be disappointed with her...

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That is a great service to offer with what sounds like a very experienced teenager. My wife and I may take you up on it in the future.

Thanks Doc.

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If you're serious about the dog sitting, then it would depend on what you had in mind. If you need somebody to either stay at your place or take your dogs, then it wouldn't work. We wouldn't want her to be at somebody else's house alone like that, and with our crazy beast we probably couldn't have anybody else's dog at our house.

If you just need somebody to drop by to play and look after them a couple times a day for a weekend, that would be do-able. Just kinda depends on what our plans are 'cuz we'd obviously have to run her over there.

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Quads...It totally just depends on when it is...

Ali spends every other weekend with us, and the others with her dad. I wouldn't ask her dad/step-mom to run her out to Folsom so it'd only work when she's with us. The schedule is pretty consistent though. She was with us this past weekend, so you can figure it out from there.

Other than that, it just needs to be a weekend when we know we're in town. I'd be happy to run her up there if it means she can make a few bucks. We could drop her off to take care of the doggies for a while and we run around the corner to do some shopping or something like that. Jami's parents live in Rescue and we're frequently visiting them on the weekends too, so we could easily stop by your place on the way to/from her parents house.

If you know you have some plans, I'm sure it'd be easy to know whether or not it would work.
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