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Aug 25 Harveys

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Well, my streak in live casinos continues to pound me into the ground.

I decided for a change of scenery (Not to mention a little ride thrown in) so I headed up to Harveys. Got there about 1:00 and was immediatly seated at 3/6 holdem. There were a couple of solid players (probably local pros), but the rest were your typical calling station/easy money players. The kind you're supposed to be able to beat into the ground. The kind everyone else in the world seem to prosper off of.

The table got pretty light for a few orbits but it filled pretty quickly. I drug a couple pots early on to get up a bit. Both hands were pretty much calling "just in case" because I figured they were beaten, but I was happy to find I was wrong in both cases.

Then......I didn't get a playable hand for 2 hours. Muck, Muck, muck. Muck, muck, muck. Nothing was even tempting. GOt a couple pretty decent blind hands that missed the board by as far as you can and went back into my muck rythm.

I finally found an A9 that I decided to play. The board comes K9x. OK, let's see if I can peel off one of my 5 outs. Turn comes A. The opener bet, I raised and he calls. The river brings another blank. He checks-bet-call. I figure the pot is mine until he turns over big slick. Huh! Top 2 pair and you don't raise? Ever? Good god. He was one of the better players at the table.

Next Blind, I get a nice AJ. Flop comes Jxx. I bet-several calls. Turn:blank. I bet and get some calls. River:blank (but fills a back door flush). I bet and still get a couple calls. SInce no-one raised I liked my hand and was completly blown away when the little old calling station flip over a pair of threes, which made a set on the river. 2 outer. Thank you very much.

Very next hand I get a A7s and complete the SB. Get an A on a 2-tone flop and bet. Couple calls and a raise. I figure my Ace is behind a better one and just call. Turn: blank. Checks around. OK the raise was pushing a flush draw but I check, because there was another guy in the loop whi may have had a better Ace. He bets, I play sherrif and he flip over something like 45 which hit it's gutshot on the river - another 3. 4 outer. Gee, why am I even surprised.

Tossed in the rest of my chips chasing draws and left about 5:00 down 1 rack. Why is it when I decide to just play out the rest of my "free" orbit that I get hands that need to be played? I was gonna walk away with the $30 I had left, but I suddenly got a bunch of worthy hands to chase.

4 hours, 2 wins, 2 suck outs. I'm begining to wonder just what it is about this game that I like.

I did manage to get a couple of "free" sandwhiches that they brought out for the dinner crowd which saved me dinner money.

To add injury ot insult, I dumped my bike coming home (another version of road trip I guess) on Scott road. I'm fine, the bike is basically fine (unless you count $1000 worth of cosmetic damage - fkn chrome!) and my day was completed when I got home and sat through a couple more hours of on-line torture.

Harvey's rake is pretty steep (%10) but not real bad. The dealers were competent and freindly. The drink servers were pretty hard to find (even if I just wanted a freakin' water and it took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to get back to the parking lot.
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Ouch... did you think of (or play) at Horizon?
I think their poker room opens at 1PM and they have 6 or 8 tables.

Anything there?
I wasn't planning to be there long enough to go club hopping. I was gonna bail at 5:00 or 6:00 anyway.

I don't think it really matters - the poker gods can always find me.
True, but sometimes a change of seat, table or room works wonders.
The only reason to change seats or tables is if the game conditions warrant it. I'm not supersticious. Besides, 4 hours isn't really long enough for the ebb and flow to take place, but I'm sure tired of getting hit with the ebb only end of the deal.
I'm not supersticious per say either, but the deck is the deck and the cards fall where they do.
If I'm in a card room or a casino and I'm not getting cards for more than an hour (roughly 30 hands) I'll get up, take a break and request a seat change. If the cards have changed for the better, I'll stay in my seat.

If they haven't (another 1/2 hour later) I'll consider getting up and get off the table for a while. Either get something to each, change card rooms, quit for the night, etc.

For me, I believe that when you are on cards that are that cold, sitting somewhere else at the table, or a different table all together can make a difference.
The thought that normally goes through my head when I read these kinds of reports is where do you guys find all this time to play during the week and more impressively, how do you play so much without the wives giving you a hard time? I would mention the kid factor as well but I think that most of you do not have kids so that is one less obstruction to the freedom issue.

Just curious. Might be more of a lighthearted discussion to have at our next game.
"I'm going to play cards"
"OK, Don't draw to any inside straights!!! Good luck!!! See you later!!!"

I get half days off every Wednesday. (I work (cough!) 9 hour days the opther 4 days so I get my 40 in. I used to play golf on Wednesdays, but havn't been having much fun at that lately. (Looks like the poker isn't much more fun.)

As far as the wife, she does stuff, I do stuff. As long as we're around for the US stuff, it's fine.
And my reply should have echoed Hagar's last point. She has her time, I have mine, we have ours. That's the cool thing about having a Wife like I do!
well......she's not my wife (yet) but I have been blessed with someone who loves to play as well. So the whole "Honey, can I go play" thing would never be an issue. I am also glad Hagar said the "us" time comment as well. My challenege is finding the time and $$$ to play as much as you guys. Just don't see how ya do it!!
I definitely get the mine, hers, and ours time which works out to me getting to play once a week without any grief. But for those of you who are able to go a couple nights more during the week, I envy you.

I think having kids is probably the biggest factor as usually one person does not want to get stuck at home alone with the kids all the time while the other is out having fun.

I will have to work more on the wife schmoozing to equal your 3+ day a week poker habit lucky bastard.

There's always just playing online at home but for me that real fun is the live games.
For me, I don't go out and play all that much at night. When I play Wed. afternoon, I'm usually home before she is.

I play on-line almost every night, which isn't a problem as long as I'm available when needed. I've just turned into a lazy potato in my middle age. BEfore on-line poker I was a couch potato; now I'm a PC potato (If I may be so bold as to steal from Quads). Might as well make a few dollars on the side if I'm just gonna be a lazy bum.

And you're right - no kids makes it 100 times easier. You should of thought about that a few years ago........
BEfore on-line poker I was a couch potato; now I'm a PC potato (If I may be so bold as to steal from Quads).
LOL! That's the fist time you've made me laugh all day!!! What took you so long?

Kahuna.... 3 days a week isn't EVERY week. Although I also work across the street from 2 card rooms.... oh.. and I also have ... a ...ahhh... TABLE! Ya slacker.... let's build your table!!

Then you can use the END ALL famous Quads line: "Look Baby, would you rather me here with 20 of my friends (point to the poker table), or me somewhere else (raise eyebrows) with my 20 friends...."

Works every time......
Alright ya punk! I know you don't believe it but it is hard for me to get a free day for 6 hours until I have all these extra weddings wrapped up for the year. I might be able to do it the weekend after labor day on that Sunday. I am going to check my calendar after lunch in a bhour and I will get a PM to you with a couple dates.

I aught to just build the damn thing and bring it over to you.
I knew you were a genius! If you want to entertain that idea I will pay you a great tip for your time. It would probably feel like that anyway if I were there since I am carpentry challenged and would probably just hold your beer like a little girl as I watch you saw things in half.
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