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Auburn Tonight 12/21 **Recap added**

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I'm heading up to auburn tonight to go play the tourney and some $2/3 NL, maybe I'll see some BYOC'ers up there, I'll give you a recap when I get home. Later!

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You should find good action in the NL game. I've made two mortgage payments from that game in the last 2 weeks.

Look forward to your session report.
I too snuck up there last Sunday to play in the $40 buy in w/a $40 rebuy tourney. I busted out about 20 people left although I was the chip leader at the original table before I was moved to another one.

Recouped the $80 and won another $115 from the cash game afterwords (although had to dig out 3 $100 rebuys before coming ahead.)

The game is beatable for any BYOCers.
Well, I have to say, that place is as crazy as I remember. Plenty of action to be had. I finished 4th in the tourney. It was only 29 people, and the field was pretty soft till about halfway through the final table. But any tourney feels tough when the blinds are going up every 12 minutes. Anyways, 4th got me double my money and 10 points towards the tourney leader board.

(New paragraph for shiz)
I bought into the $2/3NL for $100 after the tourney. I was off to a good start limping in with A,3s and hitting 2 pair on the flop, doubling up through a guy who limped with A,Q. Then I limped with K,9d on the button and flop a flush. UTG throws in $25 into a $15 pot. I jump out of my seat and look at the board and say, "How the hell are you going to bet 25 into 15 with three diamonds out there...Bullshit!" Then I push all in. He thinks about it for a while then calls, and flips up 2 pair. I take his stack. I'm now up to $350 within about an hour.

Some "high roller" that is for some reason playing a 2/3 game stradles to create action. I look down at K,9s in the small blind. OK, let me first say, I am an action junkie when it comes to stradles. So the button reraises to $12 and I call. Flop comes 10d, Qh, 2d. I flop a gut shot. I check it, high roller checks, and button bets $15 into a $45 dollar pot. I've already decided I'm going to play this hand aggressively so I call saying, "Alright, lets see one more." High roller folds. Turn card is THE perfect card, Ad. I check again, button bets $25, I quickly fire out $80. He thinks for the longest time, to the point where the dealer threatens to muck his cards and he finally calls. The river is a great card and pairs the 2's. I say, "Well, I guess I'm all in." Button thinks for a few minutes then says, "I can't call with that board" and flips over top 2 pair. I say good laydown, and he asks to see my cards. I tell him he doesn't want to see my cards, it'll make him mad. He begs, so my ego gives in and I show him my total bluff. He gets very angry and asks to be switched to the main table. Little did I know he just declared poker jihad on me.

I'm sitting at around $450 and everyone is starting to get nice and drunk by now and I start bleeding off to these 2 guys that were either catching great cards or were inspired by my amazing bluff. Either way I didn't want to tango with them. I bleed down to $150 when they break the game to combine with the main game. I sit to the left of the drunk guys that I bled off to with full intentions of getting my money back, which I did.

One of my not-so-proud poker moments happened at this main table. I look down at K,5o in the BB. Everyone limps to the cutoff that double the BB. Everyone is calling, so I figure I'll see a flop. I hit my king on the flop. It checks to the raiser who bet $15 (about 1/3 the pot). I want to see where I'm at so I bump it up to $40. Everyone folds to the raiser, whom only has $18 more on top of my bet. WOW that was a horrible bet on my part. I can't believe I didn't look at his chipstack before I bet. Now I'm commited and I call saying, "Good hand, you have me beat, but I'm commited." Well he flips up aces, and I mentally muck. At the showdown, right before I phsyically muck, he says, "Well, do you have a club?" I do, I have the king of club. I drag the pot. I gradually worked back up to $300 and I decided I was playing to my blind and I was going to take off. Big mistake! My jihad buddy was sitting across from me gulping beers that seemed to represent his last drink before he became a martyr and got 72 virgins. Well, I look down at A,Q and bump it up to $15. I get 2 callers, jihad buddy is screaming, "I'm gonna get this guy back for that bluff earlier!" as he calls. Flop comes out 2h,3s,4s. He bets $20, big blind folds and I go in the tank. Could he actually have got a piece of that? My instincts say yes, but my ego says, "You have 2 overs and a running nut flush draw. Just push and send this guy into a raving fit when you snap his garbage hand off." I so push. He calls and flips up 4,6o. I completely miss and he takes all but $20 of my stack. So I went on tilt and put my last $20 in with 2,4o and missed.

All in all, it was a fun night of poker, and I really only lost $40 since my tourney winnings paid most of my buy-in. I'll be heading back up there tonight to play the tourney, and get some revenge for last night.
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