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Auburn Cardroom

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Hi, I'm new here forum name is jkramer5, real name Jon Kramer. I live in auburn and am wondering if any of you have ever played at the cardroom here on Bowman Road? I never have myself but did read somewhere that they host tournies friday and sunday. My wife and I are thinking about trying one out this coming weekend and any Info would be appreciated.

I have an Intro thread in that forum if your interested and am looking forward to meeting over a hand of "The Cadillac of Poker" with you someday soon.
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I have not played in there but am very interesting in doing so!
I've called them a couple of times to try and speak with someone about getting some game info, etc. but always seem to get an answering machine. (if I'm thinking of the same place)
I think I'll take a drive over there tomorrow and give er a look. I'll post back anything I find out
Hey Jon...I work in Auburn. Lemme know about that card room. I work until 5:00, but I'd meet you there after work sometime.
I drive through Auburn on the way home every day. I might be interested in joining you also. :)

I only have time to check this forum once or twice a week (work long hours), so if you set something up send me a PM & I'll catch it w/in 24 hours since it notifies my email.

Also, there's a casino in Grass Valley I keep planning to go visit. If anyone is interested in joining me let me know.
Just found out thier schedule

open Wed, Thu, and Fri @ 7:00 pm Sun 3:00 pm

Closed Mon, Tue, Sat

NLHE Tournies
Fri 7:00 pm
Sun 3:00 pm

$20 buy-in $10 rebuy I'm looking to play Tomorrow. A couple guys were talking about maybey having a home game but if it doesn't happen this looks like it'd fit my schedule. I may also play Sunday depending on my $$ situation after Friday. Anyone else interested?

And Doc, I'll PM ya my phone #'s if you feel like dropping buy on the way home.
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Wish I could...but tonight's bad for me. We're taking the boat out tomorrow morning and I'm playing tomorrow night, so I've got some stuff to get done tonight before I go running around tomorrow.

It'd probably be easier for me to make it there on a Wed or Thurs night than it would on a Friday or Sunday (just 'cause of those busy social circles that we run in, ya know... :wink: )

So if they're just playing ring games there on Wed/Thurs...Kramer do you know what stakes they play? Is it all like 3/6 or 4/8?

Betcha I could drag the Warbucks up there with me some weeknight (at least Daddy would). Maybe a small group of us could plan to meet there.
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