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Armstrong and Getty Tourney

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How many people are heading up to Tahoe this weekend (Sunday) to play the Armstrong and Getty Tourney at Harvy's?

It is a $200 buy in N/L Hold'em Tourney. ($220 entry fee, $20 to the house)

First place pays 10 large if there are 80+ people and the final table pays. Currently there are 83 people pre paid. They are accepting entires at teh door, so no need to prereg.
If there are greater than 130 people then they pay 10 large to the top 2 and pay the final table the remaining 8 spots.

Anyone heading up there?
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stakehorse somebody that doesn't know anything about poker, someone that doesn't knwo they are being bluffed or should fold and split the winnings with them!! LOL!!!
Gonna be out of town this weekend, but I probably wouldn't do that any way - just a little steep for me right now.
All depends on how I make out Thursday night. lol.

The black widow and I have been pre-registered for over a month. Staying at harveys Fri and Sat nights. Last year there were about 170 entrants. Skill level wasn't all that high considering the size of the buyin.
are you and Les going? You should...
I'm planning on going. Trying to get Leslie to go with.
SJ is also playing the tourney as well.
Mini trip report: Pablo win 10 dimes and got his pikshur taken with the big ass check.
I still have the 3 foot check hanging in the garage. That was a fun weekend.
Nice shirt, egomaniac.
Nice shirt, egomaniac.
As if you don't have several hanging in your closet...

Don't they hand those out as welcome gifts from the first firm you worked for?
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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