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anyone up for a 1 or 2 night trip to reno this week?

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yeah, so school is out and i actually have a week before the holiday stuff starts coming together.

anyone wanna head to reno for a night or 2 for some cards? maybe catch a tourney or two... eldo is calling my name, 6/12 full kill is juicy and the 2/3/5 bring 10 NL game is great but does have some good players in it.

let me know. im thinking tue, wed, or thur

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I'm up.
Tues or Wed. Roll early afternoon, play all night, back the following day.
how's wed look for you? Roll up in the daytime, grab a cheap Eldo or Pep room, play all night, crash a couple hours, head back thursday sometime? Drop me a ring and we can make it a go
Will do.
$6/12... .It's gonna be a kill pot!
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Kickass
The Land Rover bus leaves Auburn tomorrow around 1 or so.
Rooms at the Eldo.
Rolling back down the hill Wed late AM, early afternoon.

Who else is in?
standard 2 queen room (didn't have upgrades or smoking available, sorry quads) is reserved for Tuesday night at an affordable $29 at the Eldo. Hell, we won't have to step foot outside the whole time. 6/12 kill here I come!

Anyone else want a piece of this? Grab a cot, share a bed, whatever, I probably won't sleep much anyway. Call me or Jason... my limit game is on and I plan on dismantling that game like I did last time for $1000 in 2 six hour sessions.

Ender said:
I plan on dismantling that game like I did last time for $1000 in 2 six hour sessions.
Howd you do? Did your results meet your anticipation?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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