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Anyone interested in playing at Derby tommorow (1/8) ?

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Hey all,

Since it looks like there's no games materializing for Saturday night tommorow, I'm hankering to get to a card room for some action. Get off work at 5, I could meet (or rideshare) with someone and we could be there by 6. Play till whenever, usually 3am for me. Earlier if we get tired. Or we could make the CC trip, but that's pretty long and by the time we got there, the wait list would be f'in huge.

Let me know either way. Email me at:

[email protected]

I'll check it tommorow at work. If I don't hear anything, you can find me at Lucky Derby at 6pm probably at the 4/8 game until I can get on the 12/24 game (if it looks promising).

-David "Kid"
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I'd love to however I'm committed to a different game that night.
CC caught my interest too! (problem is the 40 deep wait list you need to get on)
You gotta get to CC very early if you don't want a 2-5 hour wait for any given stake.
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