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Anybody got extra chip trays for sale

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I am getting the chip holder thet Doc has and wanted to see if anybody has extra trays for cheap. The best price I can find for that chip holder is $50. Is that a good deal?

Also, I noticed that 5Stardeal is not currently selling on Ebay.....has anybody noticed that? MIght just have to buy directly from their site which is more expensive but alot of the Ebayers selling stuff don;t look that trustworthy from my experience.
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This seems to be the best deal going right now on Ebay

Any thoughts?
That's about what I paid for mine...I think I paid $48 plus $15 for shipping.

I think Hags got a way better deal than that though. He has one too and paid much less than I did. Don't know where from but I'm sure he'll chime in here.

I also could use a couple of chip trays 'cuz I think I'm gonna pick up some white chips.

BK...If you order some from someplace maybe I can give you a few bucks and you can add a couple to your order for me???
1000 chips, with carrier, plus the racks? for a hundred bucks? Great deal. buy two of them.
I can't look at ebay from work, but I got both of mine there. I did 2 auctions for the "carrying case and 10 racks" from plegend (not my favorite vendor, but it worked out OK.)

I don't recall the exact price I paid, but I got both cases, 20 racks shipped for around $100. Shipping was as much or more than the auction price (those dirty bastards!). I think I got them for around $30 each, plus shipping.

I do still have 10 racks (still in the wrappers!) available if someone needs them. $2 each delivered (on a game night!) seems very fair.
That's the guy Hagar. It seems like a crap shoot whether you will get everything correct from this guy but maybe it is worth it.

The thing I did not mention is that shipping for the chips and tray is $45 so the total would be about $150. Might still be good.

I will let you know about the trays after I place my order today.
I had problem with him when I ordered chips though him. He shorted me 100 chips. I'm sure it wa just a simple shipping error and once I finally talked to him (after filing a "fruad"calim through ebay) it was handled. If you have a problem with him, don't waste time with emial, get his number and call.

The chip case transaction went fine. One of the cases, was slightly damaged at some point during the shipping, but not so much that I dealt with trying return it - I just got some glue and put the pieces back on. (It would have worked fine even as it was.) The box was factory sealed, so it could have happened on route to or from him. It could have very easily just been dropped to cause the damage - there was no obvious damage on the outside of the box.
Currently I have 700 of the 9 gram super diamond chips. I read from Quads link on homepokertourney that the guy who reviews chips likes the super doamind chips even though they have a boring look to them.

I might just go the boring but cheap route and get enough for 2,000 chips of those with the cases.

It is fine for our group to play with those right?
You are a man of money. You need to buy a set of the WSOP Chips from Binion's. A set of 1000 chips starts at $5,000.

I expect nothing less from you.

(comon, what kind of statement are you making when you host with the "cheap route chips" on a table that looks like a million bucks?)

That's what I thought.
Hags...If you got somebody like BK to buy all of your trays from you then go for it and get rid of them all at once.

Otherwise I'll take a couple of them from you next time I see you...
I think people get too carried away trying to get fancy schmancy chips to impress all their friends. The only reason I got 2 different kinds was so I can have 2 different games going at once (a $25 buy-in and a $50 buy in, a tourney finishing while a ring game starts up etc).

I think the 9 gram diamond chips are the way to go. They are perfect. Once the cards are in the air, nobody cares if the chips are fancy.

I'm real happy with my 2 sets of 1,000 chips each. I can always mix them if I need to, but I have the flexibility to run 2 different games. If you are going to buy chips, I highly reccomend the mix that includes a fourth color. I think our games are much smoother at cash out time since we started introducing re-buys that have the 500 chip in them. We have plenty of change (red and green) on the table with the first buy-ins.

My sets are both:
300 reds
300 greens
200 blacks
200 whites

If I had it to over, I'd swap 100 reds, for 100 blacks.

If you want to go with all 9 gram diamond chips, you could always get an alternate color scheme with the second set (orange, blue, purple, gray or something like that) so you still have the flexibility to run 2 differnt games at once.

Come to think of it, it seems to me that I just picked up 300 9g chips this weekend. If you'd like them to "complete" your 700 chip set, I'll be glad to transfer them to you for what I gave Doc. They're red white and blue, don't remember the counts on each.
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Listen Sally.....your boy over at that site said that he prefers super diamond chips and especially likes 9g over most 11.5g chips.

I am now going to order them just to piss you off that I will have dime store chips playing on a signature Quads model table.

How about that sizzle chest!
Quads will be just as happy stacking the your 9g chips as he would be the 11.5g chips.

And just as pissed when you're stacking his.

So you would go with a set like this:

200 reds
300 greens
300 blacks
200 whites

Also, wouldn't you want the chip sets to be identical so you can not only run 2 games but if the tables had to merge, you can do it seamlessly with the same colors?

I think I will go that route. Thanks for the offer on the chips but I will be getting a black color to replace my blues that I have. They are pretty cheap at 5star.
Actually, I have about 300 of the 9g super (slut) diamons chips. Give me a fair dollar for them and they are yours.

Reds, greens and white.

Take them when you get your table.
Yes, that is the set I would get if I ordered today.

You can always mix 2 different styles of chip in one game with no problems. If you ever have the urge to run 2 different games, you would not want both of the tables to be using the same chips. If you're not going to run 2 different types of games, 1000 chips is plenty so long as you have the $500 chip option available. 200 whites is 100 rebuys on their own. If you go with a 10r 10g 7b buy-in (my normal setup) you have 20 buy-ins and there's about 17 other rebuys with the remaining green and blacks. That's 137 buy-ins. If for some rediculous reason, that were to ever get challenged (6+ buy-ins for everybody in a 20 person game), you just make the white chips worth 1,000. Now you have 237 buy-ins. I just don't see us ever getting that many buy-ins in one night. (11+ buyins for everyone in a 20 man game!)

If you don't want 2 different games, you don't need 2000 chips.
Hagar & Quads,

To complete the diamond set, I will need (150) reds, (200) greens, (100) blue or (250 black).

These sell for .08 on 5star. Go ahead and bring each of your sets to the game on Friday and I can buy from both of you.

Quads, let me know what you think is fair market in a PM. You too Hagar.
I gave Doc $25 for the 300 chips with a case. I'll pass them on for the same.
Poker Chips

Even though I'm not at the top of anyones list, I will pass on this bit of info. Costco has a set of clay chips 500 count 11.5 grams with case for 56 bucks

Nick D
Quilty as charged Hagar. I am the one who bought the fancy chips because I like the feel of them and they should last a life time. They also come in quite handy when I use them to play Monopoly with my 6-year-old since there are denominations on them. I counted them out and with my 500-chip set I think I could even run a two-table cash game or tourney. My set consists of

150 x $1 blue
150 x $5 red
100 x $25 green
50 x $100 black
50 x $500 purple

Since my set is heavy on the 1's and 5's in order to run the usual cash game or tourney of 1000 in chips with 10-25 blinds I would have to scale down to 200 in chips with 2-5 blinds if there were 20 people. If there are only 10 players then I think I could handle it with the normal 1000 chips with 10-25.

I know. I know. What I really need is a table, right? Plus I have to clean out the all the junk in my garage.
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