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Feel your pain. I've had more than my share of 1 outer beats in my relatively short ppoker career.

You're welcome to vent your beats here (I'm certainly guilty of it). People can "listen" if they want or ignore it. Perfect situation - get it out of your system without forcefully burdening your neighbor.

I hope the rest of your night was due to other similar beats and not due to tilt. Sometimes the cards are just not going to fall your way and there's nothing you can do about that. Even if you're steaming for a while after a beat like that (can't say that I would blame you much), you can't let the steaming contribute to bad decisions.

Keep making good decisions. You played it right and got some very bad luck in that hand. Poker is still gambling whether we like to think so or not. She beat the odds - nothing you can do except breath and try to keep your head in the game. (I hope she at least felt a little bad....)
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