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Just got back from a weekend trip and fresh off my last final table and this time I entered a $20+2 MTT on Full Tilt with 214 players. Top prize is about $1,100. Worth playing for.

The theme in the 2 MTT's I have been in is cards as cold as ice with a few moments of monster cards to get some double ups or steal the blinds with some limpers adding to the pot. These players definitely seemed tougher than the other tourney. Again, patience proved to be the key. I was down to 1,500 chips after being in the top 10 for all the early rounds (+4,000 chips) when I lost QQ to 66 on the river. Theme continued late in the rounds and I found myself in 25th place and 27 places paid. I managed to get in the money and was in the last 3 places all the way until the last 12 spots. It does pay to tighten up and play a good short stack and let others bust out. I found myself at the final table 7th in chips with 17,000 while the avergae stack was about 35,000 and the 2 chip leaders had over 100,000. I kid you not, in about 10 minutes, we were down to 6 remaining and I went from hoping for a 7th or 8th payout to guaranteed $225 for 6th. I had 11,000 chips left and the next smallest stack was at 38,000 when my knock out hand occurred. I wish I could post the hand history but Full Tilt does not have that option yet for downloading hands.

I'm on the button, blinds are at 1,000/2,000 with a 200 ante and it is folded around to me. I find K8o and decide this is it. Push in and the small fold immediately while the BB thinks for about 30 seconds. I am yelling at the computer at this point to fold so I can last one more orbit and hopefully someone else busts. He calls with AJo and I have 2 live. I kid you not, here is the hand:

Flop: 7KK (giving me the almost lock with trips)
Turn: A
River: A

Final hands:

He beats me with the runner runner 2 outer since someone had folded an ace. Although he had me before the flop, this was the worst case I have ever had of a euphoric joy followed by a shock and awe mac truck in the face moment. I was not upset but just bewildered. The online rail went nuts after the A rivered with everything from "this is rigged" to "you sold your soul to the devil" etc.

It was a great tourney with a memorable ending and I pocketed the $200 profit for 3 hours of work and went out in 6th place out of 214. I am beginning to like this MTT thing.
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