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AC Road Trip

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A buddy of mine posted this in his forum on his trip to AC. I found it to be a riot, so I thought I'd pass it on.


Just got back from the RV road trip to AC tonight. Thanks to everyone who signed up to go with us. Between me, and my 3 buddies, and the people who signed up here, we had a total of 4 people in the monstrous 30 foot long RV which had "Cruise America! RV 4 Rent Center!" painted all over it.

OK, anyway, it was a chapter out of Clark Griswald's family vacation. We actually rammed the top of the RV into the roof of the parking garage. We're pulling into the parking garage, and the driver John says, "I don't think we're gonna make it!" I'm saying, "No, definitely not!". But Gary who rented the RV says, "No, no. We can make it. We're fine. Trust me." --- CRRRRRRUNNNNCHHHHH! Brought the Taj parking staff out to see it. Problem was, by the time we realized it, we were already inside the garage. So, how to get it back out? Same way coming in. Turned the RV around and Gary is driving it towards the low ceiling point. He gets right up to it and the roof is starting to buckle. And the more he moves on it, the worse it's buckling. I yell at him, "This is making it worse. Back up and get a running start at it." So he backs up the 30 foot RV, puts it in drive, and floors the gas and charges out of the parking garage. CRRRRRUNNCCCH! SCRRRRRAAAAPE! and there's bits of metal flakes flying off the top behind it. We bought insurance (but with $500 deductible...oof), so we'll see how that goes. Also, lost the sewer drain dump hose somewhere on I-95... Not sure what happened with that. Welcome to National Lampoon's Atlantic City Vacation.

Oh, about the tables. Thought I'd mention some things I noticed in my 30 hours playing:

- Cup Holders. They are dead-center on the player. Some people polled whether it's better on the left or right for their home tables. I said center. That's what the Taj has it set up, in the center. Worked great, even with 2 stacks of 60 red chips in front of me playing 5/10. How did I do for the weekend? Resurrected a $300+ loss, to $80 positive, then back down to negative $57 loss for the whole weekend. Oh well. Good experience points.

- Width. The tables are much wider than my home game table. Probably the playing area is at least 44" wide.

- Padding. Not sure what they use, but it's not hard stuff like volara or neoprene. It's spongy, springy, and thick. My guess, 1/2" foam.

- Cloth. Not sure what it is, but it's either really short nap velveteen or maybe the stuff they call speed cloth. It felt actually kinda plasticy and smooth. I think if you took a piece of velveteen and rubbed your dirty palms on it all day long for 2 years, all the grime and skin oil would make a hard slick surface.

- Height. Always noticed that the tables are at a few inches above waist high when sitting down. Not the height of a dining table, more like the height of a typing desk.

- Beverages. Still a great free beverage at the Taj is the hot cocoa. Comes with whipped cream on top with a cherry. I get one of those and a bottled water and tip the drink b*tch a $1 chip.

- Buffet. Buffet at the Sultan's Feast at the Taj (upstairs from poker room) is really quite good. I used my comp dollars from the poker room to pay for it. You earn $1 per hour comps on your Taj card, when you play 5/10. Paid for my chicken lunch, and dinner buffet.

- Pocket QQ. Scott's most memorable hand of the night. Capped it pre-flop between 3 players, for $60. Flop comes 10h 4h 7h. I bet in last position, and get 2 callers, pot is now $75. Turn is a Qh, board is now 10h 4h 7h Qh. I have trip queens, but it makes four hearts to the flush. UTG bets, middle position raises. It's $20 for me to call. I can't decide what to do. I'm thinking, I have trip queens. Someone has already hit the heart flush for sure. I figure I can pair up the 10, the 7, or the 4 with the river for the boat, or catch another Q for quads. I have 10 outs out of 46 cards (3 tens + 3 fours + 3 sevens + 1 queen). I figure there's about $100 in the pot, including the $10 bet and $20 call from the 2 players to my right. $20 to call on $100 pot is 1:5. I need to hit 10:46 cards. I'm actually getting better than even pot odds on my money. So, I call. River is a 4. I hit my boat. It goes, check, check, and I bet. UTG folds. Middle calls, shows flush. I show boat, take it down. Best call of the night I made. Purely mathematical.
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