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60" Round Table and The Seamless Vinyl Trick

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table summary:
The table measures 58" wide outside rail to outside rail. the table will have a hardwood top that will incorporate an apron to cover the padded rail on the side.

points of interest:
There were a few things that were a tight squeeze. such as the suited cloth. there was exactly zero edge to trim off each side once it was down due to the width.

New Seamless Vinyl Trick!
And the vinyl, as we all know, vinyl comes in 54" widths. this is a 58" rail, which wraps around the edges, so i've found a way to get creative and take 54" wide vinyl and get it to wrap a rail where you would typically buy something extra wide to get around the rail. if i were to buy vinyl for this, i would have bought something in the 70" width. the pictures are pretty self explanatory, but i'll walk through each of them with a little detail as needed.

Cup holder by marine fisheries

Suited cloth from yat. many thanks for the best poker cloth around!

Green foam and vinyl from jo-anns. mad props to trump for the 40% off coupon!

Wood / maple pedestal base from adam's wood products. (

Toly from minwax

3/4" maple ply for the table base, and a scrap piece for the mounting. (see pictures) and 3/4 ply for the rail. (double high rail / see pictures)

Table padding from my local carpet supply house. carpet padding is what i've been suing on most tables lately, and i get rave reviews from customers who play on it. this is the smooth stuff, not the little chunks glued together. it runs about $30 / table and comes 6' wide.

Table base with the cup holders and table padding. (customer requested cup holders in the table, so that's where they are. not my personal preference, but, if you are the customer, and you are paying for it, you get them where you want.

Table base with suited cloth and cup holders cut out and stapled down.

The modified (never waste a scrap rolling stool)

Rail with foam. the foam is cut at 7" wide and glues down with 3m 77 and there is a 1" overhang on the inside edge. rail wood is ~3-3/4" wide

Another view of the rail from the other side. notice the rail has spacing blocks in between the top rail and the inside / under ring. gives it the full wrap around effect from the side view and hides any view of the edge of the table base / staples / etc.

Here is where we run into the issue on the vinyl. as you can see, the rail is clearly wider than the vinyl. so after about a day of thinking and tinkering around in my head with a few different ideas, this is what i came up with to have this table match the other 2 that i have built this customer. i was in search for wider vinyl, however it wouldn't be a 100% dead nuts match with the vinyl. the customer also didn't want a seam of two pieces being sewn together.

So, this is what i cam up with.
rather than stapling the outside first and cutting the inside portion, then finishing the stapling, i figured i would slightly reverse that process.

The length on one side was ok, as i bought 6' of vinyl. so i started with the ends that were long enough.

With the material centered and stapled on the ends where i had the length covered, i then made some cuts as you normally do. with the edges not stapled yet, i was free to now pull the material and get those extra few inches i needed to wrap 54" wide material around a 58" rail that is 3" tall with the foam. i essentially needed to wrap about 63 to 64" wide.

Same thing other side, and i have the rail outside edge done.

Closer view of the outside edge where i needed the extra width.

Tacked all sides in place.

Outside complete with staples.

Stretch and staple as you normally would with in the inside and the rail is complete.

Closer view of the complete rail.

(unfinished) maple pedestal base from adams wood products.

Now with poly

This piece is a 3/4" ply piece that will act as a connector / sub base from the pedestal mounting braces to the table base. there are t-nuts installed on one side of this, which the pedestal base will bolt down to. this will then be screwed to the bottom of the table when it is ready for set up and moved to the customers home.

With table top and rail.

Close up view of the rail / suited cloth / cup holder

Side view.

Another complete view.

Proudly built by yours truly.

My shop helper has a question: "you got the aces?"
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pardon my ignorance, but shouldn't this be in the table section?
sorry.... did I repost my own thread?
I'm a donkey.
sorry.... did I repost my own thread?
I'm a donkey.
Starting with the Bloody Mary's early this morning, no? lol :mrgreen:
no, more like a long weekend drinking.
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