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Decided to skip golf on Wed and wanted to check out the mid-week NL action up in Jackson. I ran a few errends and jumped on the bike for the quick 25 minute ride.

I got there around 1:00. they had one game going and it was the NL game. there were 3 on the list, so I went and grabbed some lunch. The list didn't move and I eneded up waiting about an hour to get seated. They started a 3/6 game and had trouble filing it. I declined the brush's "generous" offer to fill that seat while I waited. They played 5 and 6 handed for almost an hour before it finally filled right about the time I got seated.

Nothing really to report from my end - still running colder than imaginable. I hit a couple early pots to get up nearly a rack but made a bad call (paired my ace on the flop, but ended up calling a $50 bet when the board went runner-runner dueces and made trips for a guy that I had put on an Ace (figured we were chopping) the guy is normally pretty solid but for some insane reason decided to call 3:1 on a gutshot draw with 32 on the flop and then got a free river) and on fairly bad laydown (TT overpair on an ugly straighted board to a fish who had been hitting that crap all afternoon (he showed just a pair of nines with stright draw). Other than that it was pretty much settle in and watch for 5 hours. I hope this cold streak is over before I head off to Vegas. Enough whining - you all been there.

The game had 2 super-fishies, a couple of semi-fishies and the rest were pretty solid players. The fish who bought me out of the pot was one of those "every hand regardless of cost" types and was real aggressive. While I was watching, he went to the felt twice and just kept digging. Once I seated he started hitting all his junnk and started terrorizing the table. It was probably good that I was running cold because he was just snapping people left and right. He ended up walking away with ~$600, but I heard form one of the otheres that he dropped a bunch the other nght and is probably still stuck.

The other fish was a guy who kept getting up and going downstairs for 45 minutes at a time. He was gone when I got there and they still saved his seat for another half hour after I was done with lunch. I didn't care for that much. He was more of a splasher and misread the board a few times costing himself money. But this seemed to be the day of the fish. He eventually walked away with ~$300, but have no idea how much he had invested.

Oneother big stack left and the table comp had changed and ran very tight for about 45 minutes. Even the tight players were commenting on how tight it was. It turned into a limp fest and almost any "reasonable bet took the pot with no contest. I think the whole table just started running cold for a while. I landed a few small pots in this stretch and almost got unstuck, but the cold was just too deep. There's just not much you can do with J3, 92, 83, Q4 hands all night. I just knew that if even thought about getting out of line, someone would wake up with a hand and bust me so I just sat back and waited. I fianlly gave up at about 8:30 (still have to get up early you know) had some dinner and split. I dropped $40 for the session which isn't awful considering.

It's definately not the same environment as it was on Saturday which was no surprise. I have a feeling the momentum was about to shift as I was leaving, but the table never really got going once the two super-fishies left. Over all, there's a lot of chatter amongst buddies in that place. They seem to come up in groups and love to tell each other how well they played a hand or how good thier laydown was. There's a lot of information to be picked up if you keep your head in the game.
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