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6/17 Derby Quicky

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Well I finally hit a little bonus action at the Derby on Friday. I stopped in for a quicky while waiting for the game at Daddy's, and sat in a little 4/8 for a while.

I get dealt a KJd and flop a gut shot for the Royal. Turn is the beautiful Td. Player a couple seats to my left had a good enough hand to drive the action for me, and the board actually had bad beat possibilities all over it. Not to be, he only had trip aces and didn't have the stones to play back at my c/r on the river.

I manage to hit a Royal and collect the bonus, but I still have something to whine about - wouldn't you know it that about 35 minutes (right as I walked in) earlier, the diamond Royal was just hit, so I collected the absolute minimum out of it, $100. Oh well, a welcome bonus none the less. ( I managed to dig $35 out of the rest of the cards I got which were pretty cold. All or nothing it seems....)
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