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After golfing with Ace on Saturday, I decided to head up the hill to see what was happening at the Dealer's Choice in Auburn. On the way up, I called Dodger to see if he wanted to hook up and he told me to call him when I got there. I got there about 7:45 and saw several empty seats. I called Dodger and he said he'd see me in about 10 minutes.

The night didn't go well for either of us. I had KK cracked by 77 in my first orbit. It cost me more than it should have, but it was still a pretty bad welcome. The owner (Phil) held the 77 and raised me on the turn when the board brought a second J to go with his flopped set. I've seen Phil make a few bluffs before so I put the remaining $40 of my stack in the pot when he raised me. Looking back, it was a really bad decision, but it felt right at the time. (On the way home, I realized that Phil usually is more "playful" with a few of his regulars - most owners and good house players won't risk pissing off new players or semi-regulars by stealing pots from them - I should have known he wasn't on the buy.)

So one bad decision and I'm calling for a rebuy. A few minutes later Dodger wanders in. I'm sitting with my pretty fresh second stack and we chopped a pot while both holding 64s. At least I was in the BB (he was in the SB).

I'd been playing very tight and decided to test my image when I got an A3 on the button. I raised to 15 and got one caller, Zach (the dealer) who was to my left. He always manages to have just enough to call me down when I'm on the take. The flop brought nothing and made a standard "get out of my pot" $40 bet. He called. I shoved what I had left on the turn and he called. Knowing that I'm dead, I was not pleased to see that he called me down with nothing better than an AJ - no pair. He's not a great player, but his crystal ball just has my number and I should know better than to try to push him out. Questionable decision #2. Rebuy!

Dodger hit a few hands and was up a little early but his fortune would change very abrubtly. He had QQ cracked 3 times in about 45 minutes. I'll let him tell his story but it was pretty brutal. The third one took the last of his second rack and he was done after about an hour at the table.

I settled in to protect my third and last buy-in. Finally, the table started to soften up. When I first got there, the table was not one for the easy taking. There was only one "ATM" at the table and he was only bringing $50 at a time. The rest were regulars/house players and it was very tough cracking these guys. It was probably 11:00 before the ATM players became dominant.

One guy came in and set to my left (after Zach went home for a few hours) and he just caught fire. Once he built his $100 up to about $400 he was just shoving his stack around. A lot of his big pushes were likely bluffs, but it was hard to tell as he was getting few callers.

After running very cold for several orbits - getting little to play and facing a raise everytime I'd see a moderate limper, I was in a very tight mode and I finally hit a few hands and got my stack back up to about $200 and was really working on getting unstuck. My theme for the night was questionable decisions. I made 3 very bad offensive mistakes and 3 pretty bad laydowns. 2 of which I'd probably do again in the same spot, but the last one was a hand that I played horribly given the situation and I could have gotten unstuck had I played it like I had a pair.

The pot was raised pf from a mediocre regular (Mark) player in the 6 seat. I had KJs in the BB and called along with 4 or 5 others including the guy to my left and the "action" guy (AG) to his left. The flop came Jxx, with 2 diamonds. I fired $20 at the J high flop hoping to get some information for the raiser. The guy to my left doubled that. He was called by AG, raiser folded and it was up to me. I briefly considered shoving my last $150. If I thought it would lose the other 2 guys I would have. I thought I had the best, but when I'm running a bit cold (which I pretty much had been) I tend to avoid getting involved with a marginal hand against the guy who had been running hot. I just never seems to end well. Combine that with the fact tht AG was on the flush draw and would not lay down for a million dollars and I though it best that I just call and hope for some help. Turn was a blank. I check and big stack bets $50. AG calls him and just decide to get out. I failed to remember that big stack had been caught overplaying a few hands. I just saw an AJ in his hand (or a Jx that 2 paired with a rag) and didn't have the stones to see the hand through. AG was all-in on his call and I had the misfortune of seeing big stacks J9o. My KJ had him dominated and I should have pushed my hand. Blah. (This hand kept me awake for a couple of days.)

My night ended on a couple of poor decisions. One by the other Mark who called my late posisiton raise with A8o and one by me who failed to recognize that he hit 2 pair on the flop. I'm not sure what I could have done to get away from the hand. I had AT and the flop came A98. HE opened for $15 from the SB and I raised to $45. He called. I thought he had a naked Ace and was just hoping to pair up on the turn. I shoved my last $60 on the turn and he called. As he called I knew he had 2 pair. I just couldn't get the information with out going all-in. If I had checked through he would have bet me out on the river. He played it well after the flop, but I was feeling like I just couldn't catch a break. Whenever I played a hand aggresively, I either got got little for it or someone caught a big hand. When ever I made a big laydown, it was wrong.

It was 2:45 and I was stuck 3 racks. That's enough, I hit the road for the long drive home.

I still enjoy the atmosphere in this place. There's a lot of characters that frequent the room and most are pretty funny. There's a couple of grumpy old fools that come in, and they are pretty much just targets for the other regulars to mock. It's not always going to be a breathing ATM though. It can be a very tough game in some cases, so be careful when you go up there expecting to make a withdrawl.

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Well, it was only two QQ suckouts, but those two killed my stack both times. My cards were running fairly cold most of the night, except for the two QQ hands in which I wished I never had.

First one, QQ on the button, 3 limpers, all tight, including Hagar in SB. I raise to $15, get two callers.

Flop is Jc, 7C, 3h. Checks to me, I push ~$90. Ultra tight ponders, fakes folding about 5 times, then decides he has to call with 10c, Jc.

Turn a Brick.

River Ac. I down to $29.

I rebuy to $100

45 minutes later, button on Hagar one seat to my left, QQ again.

3 limpers, and I bet $10 (first mistake). Two callers including Hagar's ATM 1 and loose player that looks like Tommy Chong.

Flop is 6c, 2h, 10c.

Atm goes all in for $25 for about the 12th time. Tommy stalls then calls, I shove(second mistake). ATM only bet with best hands, called with everything else. I knew this, but failed to recognize it. Side pot would still turn a profit, and I new I was ahead of TC. He's hymns and hahs, the calls. I turn my queens, he smiles and says "I've got a club draw" and flips up Jc, 3C.

ATM shows his set of 6's. Turn brick, river Ac, again, for the crushing defeat. $170 was enough fun. I left.

Still had fun, just got pasted though.
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