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Headed down to Cache Creek Wed. hoping to find the NL game being spread. I got there about 2:00 (after dealing with some on-liine banking problems grrr....) and put my name down on the list. Got seated in a 3/6 game while waiting.

3/6 game was pretty standard and managed to bank about $50 before they started up the NL game at about 3:00. This was their normal $100 min/max game. They've changed the blind structure since last time I played; it's now 2/4 instead of the 1/1/2 with a $4 bring. They also had a $200-$500 buy-in game posted on the wait list, so it looks like they've started offering a bigger game now for those of you with just too much money.

The game had several very interesting characters and at times it was just plain not fun just being at the table. There were 4 in particular that made things difficult.

First thing I remember is this one guy just catching fire and I mean a bonfire. About his second or third hand he doubles up with a set of Jacks. A few minutes later he does it again (Yes another set of jacks). And he just kept building his stack by hitting everything he played for the first hour. 64? He flopped trip 6s to bust another guy. 75? turn a striaght to bust another guy. Just flat out brutal. So after an hour he's sitting on about $900 and is doing a pretty good job of pushing the table around. It's pretty hard to call big bets against a guy who has been running super hot.

Anyway, this guy finally cools down a bit and actually has to play his cards and think a bit. So he started going into this Hollywood routine when he faced big bets. His acting wasn't very good as we could tell he was going to fold 10 minutes before he actually did. He'd pull his chips out and stack them real carefully and look at his cards about 30 times and pretend he was making a difficult decision. Eventually he'd fold and we could move on. He did this about 6 times and some of us were getting pretty impatient; between the series of monster confrontations on just about every hand we'd played, the players rebuying and this guy's bad acting, we were getting about 10 hands an hour in. The guy in the 9 hole (who I think was some regular) starts bitching about the Hollywood guy.

He was pretty blunt about it. Finally one of the dealers (one of their many undertalented no clue dealers) asked the floor what she was supposed to do about it and she was instructed to allow him 1 minute when he asked for time. 2 hands later, the routine starts up and Hollywood ("H") asks for time. 5 seconds later the impatient regular ("IRG") starts up....

IRG: "Come on. Here we go again."
H: "Excuse me I'm trying to think here."
IRG: "We all know you're going to muck. JUst get on with it."
H: "Stop wasting my time. I'm playing within the rules and trying to make a decision and you're interfering with..."
IRG: "You're wasting all of our time."

blah, blah, blah

Finally the floor comes over and basically tells the table to grow up or else he's gonna shut the game down which seemed to finally put that crap to rest. The guy was slow and it was making me crazy, but I'm not one to say anything - I sure don't want to chase that $900 away escpecially when seems to have just been getting lucky. It never elevated to anything that approached violence but it really was just not fun especially when the cards were freezy thus far for me.

The other 2 characters were involved in a hand where the floor made a horrible call on a mucked hand that cost one idiot a $300 pot. This hand featured Snaky Angle Guy ("SAG") and Any 2 Cards Idiot (A2CI) (and actually me to start with). I had found my first playable hand in an hour and a half (AQo) and decided to see if I had earned any respect. I raised to $12 and discovered that I hadn't earned any with about 6 callers. Great. The flop comes 10 high and I throw $15 at the pot hoping to just take it down. Unfortunately I got 3 callers. Turn brought a blank second heart and I decide to throw another bigger bet to get the top pair guys to lay down. $30. SAG: Raise all-in (about $60). PLayer X: Call all-in. A2CI Raise all-in (about $120). Well I was sold and had no problemn getting away from my A high hand. River brings a T hearts, which brought a third heart on the board. The dealer calls for the hands. Player X: had a KT. A2CI showed a 86h for the rivered flush. SAG appeared to muck his hand and dealer scooped it up and put it under the muck pile. I had asked to see his hand, so she kept it retreivable. All of a sudden, SAG starts yapping about having a full house and is demanding that his hand be retreived. "I showed them to Hollywood. He knows what I had." The dealer calls for the floor.

Floor: "Are these the cards right here?" pointing to the cards sticking out of the bottom of the squared muck.

Dealer: "Yes"

Floor: "That is a retreivable hand - pull the cards out."

General table buzz: "WTF? Are you kidding me. Those cards are dead."

Floor: "No they're not - pull the cards out and flip them up."

The dealer obliges and shows SAG's 77.

Floor: "Award that man (pointing at SAG) the pot."

Well A2CI start going nuts and I don't blame him. He was up and down from the table trying to get the floor to reverse his decision and then back at the table whiuning about it. For 5 minutes, I felt sorry for the guy - he was an idiot, but he got screwed. After that, I was getting close to STFU mode because there was nothing that was going to get done about it now - at least not at the table.

I'm not sure what SAG was thinking when he layed his hand face down on the table at showdown. I don't know if he mis-read his boat and Hollywood told him about it, or if he was planning to slow roll the hand and the dealer just scooped it. He was acusing the dealer of grabbing it out of his hand which is not true. He picked up his 2 1/2 racks of fresh chips and left about 10 minutes later which lead me to believe he was planning on slow-rolling, knew he got real lucky to get that pot and didn't want to push his luck.

Anyway, after all of that commotion for the first hour and a half, the game simmered down to a fairly normal game. As I eluded to earlier, my cards were running really cold thus far. It's probably a good thing since a handful of guys were just running way hot and crushing a lot of good hands with big draws. After dropping a bunch of my chips in the AQ hand and droping a few others here in there (mostly in posting blinds) I'm down to $29 and get Q8s in BB. OK, this has some promise (it was actually glowing compared to most of my hands so far) so I looked forward to seeing a flop for "free". The flop comes Q high. I just checked to see what was gonna happen. The guy who took SAG's seat bet $21, Player X calls. I was starting to get odds for my crappy kicker. A2CI raises to $60. Thank you very much. I call my stack all in and the other 2 fold. A2CI had been betting his draws big all day. Whenever he picked up a flush draw he would raise big. There were 2 diamonds on the flop. I had a feeling that the others would fold with that big bet and I just knew he was on a draw. I was right, my top pair held up and my first drag of the session put me back to even.

Eventually A2CI's game plan caught up with him and he busted. He gets up without saying anything. He came back a half hour later wondering why his eat was filled. This guy was just a lame brain. A couple of the big stacks cashed out and the table was starting to look bare. Great. Not to worry, there were a couple more ATM's on the way.

I continued with waiting for my moments, and I can't stress the word "waiting" enough. I think I had drug another small pot, but was bleeding in general. I was down to $66 when I find TT. This new Butch gal player just sat down and raised to $12 form early position. She gave off th impression of being a solid player, but this was her third hand and first one played so I had no clue if her game matched her appearance. I decided to see the flop. It came a beautiful T high. She threw $20 at the pot and I was content to take the pot right then. "All-in - $54" She called with little hesitation - lucky for me she hadn't got a read on me yet. My set held up and she mucked face down, but I'd bet she had an over pair based on her reaction when she saw my hand.

So now I'm up to about $140 and the cards seem to be coming with a little more frequency. A few hands later I get Motown in the BB and flop 2 pair. I check raise the flop to $20 on a new fairly tight kid who just sat down to my left. He called my c/r and called my all-in when the turn brought a blank. I was afriad he had better 2 pair when he called but he just had JT and my JJ55x held up. (I figured he had at least AJ!)

My stack is starting to look like a stack. After stealing a pot from this other kid who I thought was going to wet his pants, I'm up to about $300. The game is so much fun when things are working "right". I'm picking my spots and playing a very solid game. Enter A2CI again. A seat opened up and it was finally his turn to sit down. He was dancing over the seat (like a little puppy) before the floor even called him and bang he was back.

This guy was real dangerous. He literally played every hand raise or not. His first hand back, he called all-in before the flop with a 76s. He rivered the pot and doubled up + immediately. He pulled a few more of these stunts and quickly had a stack that rivaled mine.

I look down and finally see a real hand in early position (KK) and raise to $12. I get 4 or 5 callers including, (you guessed it) A2CI. The flop was a real ugly 678 with 2 diamonds. I looked at that flop and basically saw A2CI's picture on the table - that flop hit every hand he had showed all day with at least a draw. Well, maybe he had a legitimate hand and I bet $20. He raised to $60. That cleared the table out for a heads up hand. This just felt like a real bad spot and I'm not sure why I called the $40. If he didn't already make his crappy hand, he was on at least one draw if not both. Even if he was on a draw, there was no way he would go away if I pulled the muscle out. I begrudgingly called and the turn just couldn't have been worse - a 5. 5678 board. Christ. I checked and A2CI bet $100. I looked him up and down and he was just sitting htere grinning and shaking his head up and down like a bobble head doll. "I have a made hand do you?" What a fucking goober. I knew what was what. I threw my cards face up and glared at him. He flashed 94 diamonds. Jesus Christ. 94?! I wished he hadn't shown me, because even I couldn't imagine a hand that bad.

That's it, I'm done. I was gonna cash out in about 20 minutes anyway but that just set me off. Even after a very good session where everything was going prety much to plan, losing $75 with KK to a 94 just put me on serious tilt. My last hand was AQ, which didn't hook and I decided to rack and roll. I was still up a rack +, but idiot poker just drives me nuts. I know I should have loved that idiot and sat there waiting for my chance to extract that money back, but I knew my mood was wrecked for a while. Screw it, get out go get some dinner.

So I netted a rack and a half for the trip despite a tough beat at the end of the session - I guess it could have ben worse.
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