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50 Person BYOC Tourney

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50 Person BYOC Toruney

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Curious to know if we were able to plan ahead to accommodate everyone’s schedule, if there would be interest in a 50 (or more) person tourney. (at least 5 tables)

We would need to find the space (which I have several leads on) to accommodate 5 poker tables and gather enough people to do it.

With 50 ppl, we could put a prize booty of $1,000 for 1st place and pay the entire final table.

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Well we haven't been able to pull more than 19 when trying to fill 33 seats. I don't think we're there yet..........

I think once we have to start reserve lists for our tourneys or turning people away we can explore an event that's more dramatic then what we have to date.
Sure hope we get some help planning this one... :(

We have a hard enough time filling 2 tables, and we've only been able to do that once (cash game at Daddy's in Elk Grove). Have we even managed to break 20 people for any of the tourneys at Hagars? :cry:

I like the idea though. Let's set our sights high!!! :!:
I know of ~20 others that with enough notice will hit a tourney type event.

SJ and I were talking about it and figured I'd poll the group to see if there was an interest.

Organizing it wouldn't be hard (I don't think)

Get everyone there. Eviite the event, and take tourney buy in's via paypal through the evite. If you say yes, deposit on your seat (no flakes or no shows) and show up. Each of us who have tables will need to bring them.
Well...If you need me...My availability for this is gonna be limited to not any sooner than November. September is booked for me. I have a "guys only" fishing vacation planned for the first week of October, and I'm cashing in the rest of my October favors to get to Reno.

Catch me either the 2nd or 3rd weekend of November. Sorry. Hope that doesn't make me the party pooper...

If you have ~20 other players, how come we can't fill our 22-33 seat tourneys?

Hey I'm all for it. I'll help deal and drag my table, chips and cards (assuming it's wihtin reasonable distance) and support you 100%.

Getting buy-ins upfront is the best way to do it; if you no-show, you're responsible to fill the seat if you want your money back, otherwise, "Sorry Charlie, thanks for the free money".
i think it would be a hoot!! scheduling would be the hard part. if Quads has some leads on where it could be held that would be great. great idea about the paypal thing also!!

i am with Doc though. November is the soonest i could even think about doing something like that.
Reson being these don't show up at every tourney is they are a few different groups that are not part of our regular BYOC group and now regular / weekly players. So, being that they are all hit or miss players for a regular game, they would be on the list for a large tourney.
I voted yes. It sounds like a lot of fun. :)

I agree that this would be a really cool event. We could even get people that don't regularly come to get in on the action. Paying upfront via Paypal is almost a necessity, though, since there is too much of a risk of the whole thing falling apart if even 5-10 people don't show up. Having a paid seat would make people show or lose out. Then we could get some killer action going after the tourney if there's time. Let's see what November is looking like, since people seem to be busy till then, and after that comes the holiday season. See ya' all this weekend.

If a large tourney is held, there are at least 4, and as many as 10, other people that I know that would be interested.

I might have a spot that it could be hosted, too.
50 person tourney

Sounds like it would be alot of fun if you can pull it off. I also have some friends if given advance notice would play in the tourney. Keep us posted.
As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that holds us back from plaanning it and signing people up for it would be the space and the chips.

Filling the tables (which we have) with people doesn't seem to be a problem. We would need about 2K in chips with the correct color scheme.

reds (5)
green (25)
black (100)
white (500)
other color, yellow or purple (1000)
Sounds like we need some type of community center room or clubhouse or something like that....unless someone has a phat 4,000 SF pad that they want to open up which is highly unlikely. I have chips as well but unless we are going to combine disimilar chips, we will have to wait until someone goes on a shopping spree or we all chip in a bit to get official BYOC chips.

I am down with the tourney so let me know if there is anything I can do to help organize it.
We have got to be very, very careful with a public space, such as a community center or clubhouse in regards to crossing the line of "legal home gaming / gambling" and the other side of law, as to what is no longer a "legal home game".

We can discuss further verbally. I've done an extensive amount of research on it and have had several conversations with people on it.

More and more people are getting busted for an 'organized' event, and the last thing I want is that to happen to us.

There are a couple of threads on it in Scott's forum. ... light=raid
Wow, iread all those posts and its amazing the amount of research and talk going on about all this. I thought the article you have posted in one of the other areas of the site about California law pretty much covers our group but you never know.

I will keep it on the down low and maybe it is best we just stick with what we got and if we want to do a big tourney then just try to do a 3 table at max and up the buy-in for that night to $50 - $75 which would achieve the same effect of a 50 person tourney somewhat in terms of booty.
We are completely legal as far as any of our games, but when we go rent a space or room, then it's no longer considered a "residence", where poker in a private residence is 100% legal, however there are, like any law, loopholes.
As far as chips, between us we should have plenty. I have 2000 chips myself. Doc has 1000, Dodger has 1000, Quads has 1000?

They don't all have to be the same kind - red is red, green is green...

As far as using a "public" facility (one that we rent or a community rec-center, etc), I would think it would be fine, so long as nobody profits by puttingthe game on. If we need to collect a share of the rent from each player on top of the entry fee, it's not profit - it's costs.

I'm pretty sure I can squeeze 3 tables in my garage. If it really came down to it, I could make room in the house for 2 more tables, but we'd need to either pick a weekend that my wife will be out of town (which is rare) or fund a little weekend get away for her (which I'm sure she would love!). I'd really rather avoid that, but if we really had the interest, it might could work out.
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I think with yous, my, docs and dodgers, we are fine on chips.

Reegarding the rental fee for a public facility, we'll get (or could get) busted for that. There is a loophole around it. The law very specifically says "private residence" and is very specific to that. Anything outside of a private residence crosses the line.

Yes I would definetely be interested!!!!
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