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We have been in the poker table and cloth business now over 5 years. Seems like just yesterday we were trying to build our first table.

So in honor of our 5 year mark and to thank all the loyal forum members, I am offering a free custom cloth to every fifth person to order from this forum.

Read below how the rules work.

Rules of free cloth offer:

1. you must mention this PMC forum when you order your cloth to be eligible.

2. you must never ask if you are the fifth person to order from this site. If you do, you do not get counted as part of this offer however we will still sell you a cloth.

3. your order will be placed and paid for like any other order, with exception the fifth person will be notified when they receive their cloth that they were the fifth person from this forum therefore no charges will be due for their order. If multiple cloths are ordered by fifth customer from this forum, then they receive discount for one of their cloths ordered up to $295.00 value.

4. only cloths ordered at regular price will be included in this offer. Dealer pricing is excluded from this offer.

5. A customer is defined as a member of this forum that mentions they are a member of this forum at the time their order is placed. This customer would count as a single customer even if they order 4 cloths.

6. winner must be a member of this forum with a post count above 10 and supply their user name when asked. This is meant to reward active members of this forum not newbies who joined to get this discount offer.

If any questions please ask on this forum before you initiate your order.

This offer applies to orders from March 4th 2009 to June 30, 2009.

Dave Rodda

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Dang! In keeping with the gambling nature of this site . . . a lottery!

OK, Guma and Three Deuces are in! What you gonna do YAT?

By the way, Dave, the first game on your cloth was awesome. Can't believe it took so long, but my buddies were just blown away by it!

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