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(Sorry it took so long for me to get this posted - since I got home after work on Firday, I've pretty much either been playing poker or on my way to play poker all weekend. Yeah I know, life sucks!)

Well, we gave Omaha a good solid run this weekend and I think the session had mixed reviews, depending on who you talk to.

We played 1/2 limit because it was intended to be a bit of a "training" session for those of us who don't have much experience with the game. Yes it was billed as "Hagar's Omaha Night School". but Hager was a much a student as most of the crowd. There were a couple players who have played at least some Omaha in a real casino, but for most of us, this was the first time we gave limit holdem a try.

Omaha doesn't tend to lend it self to lots of hand recaps because you tend to be much mnore focused on trying to read all your hands (you have 6 holdem hands in your hand every time) and the board - I honestly couldn't tell you that I remeber one single 4 card combinatin I was dealt all night.

We started out and got the rules all squared away and I just went on an absolute tear for about 45 minutes. Everything I played was hitting the board and I was getting paid off. Omaha tends to be pretty good about paying you off when you hit a hand becuase at least 5 or 6 players are chasing something down every hand. I will admit to making a couple of lose calls during that stretch - in part because of the low stakes, but mostly because I was closing the betting and knew that the pot wasn't going to get jacked. At one point I looked down and had almost $150 in front of me (we all started with $50) and was feeling a little bad for everyone. I like to win, but it's no fun to just run over a table of your friends.

Not to worry, things turned around. I don't think I drug any peice of a pot the rest of the night. Had 2 second nut high hands get spanked by the nuts (happens quite a bit in Omaha) which stung a bit, but for the most part I just bled most of my chips away trying to find something. I wasn't getting many hands that even tempted me to see a flop and when I did, I would miss the flop completely. Long story short, I ended up bieng down about $25 when the Omaha was done.

Al was the big winner cashing out almost $200 ahead. I honestly don't remember how everyone else did. Over all I think the night was a success. There wasn't too much over betting because of the low stakes (this is what I was most afraid was going to happen) and the flow felty pretty much what I was hoping for. I'm sure there was a lot more calling with bad cards than would have happened if the stakes were a bit higher, but Omaha tends to lend itself to calling station style in general anyway - you almost always have something to chase. A couple of players that are used to higher stakes weren't real happy the play ("couldn't protect my hand"), but in all fairness to those who were fishing, that's part of what the night was about - getting a feel for the game. I'm sure a couple players learned a few of the "wrong" lessons, but I was happy to get 5 hours of Omaha under my belt. I feel I got a better grasp of the game and am not too far away from feeling I'd be OK with sitting down in the 4/6 game at the Derby (which was pretty much the point of the night).

I think we'll give this another try next month - maybe we'll add a kill to the game to bump the stakes once in awhile, but I'm, confident that the 1/2 format is a funcional level to play at for a few more sessions. If it really catches on, maybe we can try a higher staked game in a few months.

Thanks to Dave, David and Ace for handling the dealing duties for the Omaha game.

We played a quick Holdem SitnGo tourney to end the night. I lasted all of 7 minutes into that (what can I say, when someone calls you preflop raise with 67 and they flop 2 pair to your overpair, you gonna lose your stack!)

Anyway, the game was really fast and tight. We didn't see a lot of flops and the shuffler could barely keep up with the game. We started 7 handed and paid 2 places. Bedrock took out Kasper to win the title. Good work guys. On to Saturday......
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