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Yesterday I got stuck in that muddy field with my pickup, today I meander into Party Poker for a little lunch time diversion and walk away with $172 more than I entered with.

Played $3-6 Omaha HiLo.

Highlights: (dealt only about 30-40 hands) played about 15 hands altogether, folded when the flop didn't develop. Split a couple with some profit but these three pretty much made the session.

A2 suited, JQ suited on the BB. 5 callers and the button raises. I call the $3 and so does everyone else. Flop is 89T rainbow. I lead out with $3, 5 callers and the button raises. I reraise, get 2 callers and the button folds. Turn is 3 (doesn't match the suits out there so no flush). I bet and get 2 callers. River is 4. Now I have nut straight for high and nut low. Bet $6, raised $6, reraised $6, WTF? I cap it at $24. Call, call. They both show A2. I take the top half and we split 3 ways the bottom half. I love it

Ac3c4h6h on button. 5 callers to me, I tap it to 6. sb folds, BB calls, 5 more calls. flop is 2c5s7c. Okay got the temporary nut low and a draw for the nut flush. 3 checks, a bet, fold, call, I raise, fold to opener who calls, the other caller also calls. Turn is 5c. uh oh... still got the temporary nut low, made the nut flush, but that pair of 5 and all those low cards could be trouble for high. Two checks to me. Why do I feel I'm being setup? WTF $6 bet, and it's raised. Ah crap, player between us folds. I call hoping that my low holds up for a split. River is the 4c !!!!!! Holy straight flush and wheel batman. I cooly check my cards and the board cards again (ya right my hands were shaking and I was calmly talking to the monitor, come on bet with your FH.) He bets, I fire back with a raise, he fires back with a raise I reraise to cap, he calls. Shows me a-3 for nut low (okay we split there) and then only a 8 high straight for high. He musta been raising the nut low on the turn. I take the high half with the SF and half of the low.

AcAh2h7c, I'm UTG and only call, multiple calls, probably 6-7. Flop is AKQ. I bet $3, call around to player right of button who raises. (okay I'm putting him on JT), folds to me, I call and yes I'm hoping to pair the board (actually I was wishing for the case A, but would be happy to pair) and I think one other player calls. Turn comes Q, YES. I lead out with $6, the player between us folds, the raiser comes back, and I come back, and he caps. I'm thinking oh crap, QQ. The pot is hugh. Roughly $90 or so and I'm thinking it's gonna cost me $12 more to see those QQ's. Call the cap and check the river (it was a 4), he bets and I do a crying call only to find out he was betting his KK. whew! Big pot like $115.

So I'm up like $200 at this point, thinking get the hell outta here, but decide to play one orbit. Immediate next hand I flop the nut flush and bet it appropiately only to have the turn and river match the board (KKK) and with bozo hanging onto a pair of 5's and nothing else to go with the board (well maybe he had a marginal low draw). Oh well rush over, I bail the game.
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