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So I decided to play in the Tue. $55 tourney at Derby today. After the alternates there were 101 people, do not a bad payout but still a hard field to overcome. I treaded water for awhile, then got an all-in call with my KK. That doubled me up and I survived down to 2 tables. Then the turning point in the tourney... not sure if I made the proper call but it turned out in my favor.

Blinds at 400/800. I'm middle stacked at the table with around $6000 or so. Middle position I pick up 77. I open the pot for $1200. Folded to seat 6, who pushes for $4000 total. Then seat 9 calls all-in for less!! Back to me im wondering what to do. The pot is huge, and would cost me most of my chips to call... I think for a couple minutes and then call. I show 77, and amazingly they BOTH turn over AQo!! :shock:

The perfect situation for me, of course. They counter each others' hands, leaving tons less outs for them. Nothing comes, and I rack up over $10k.

So I float that to around $20k for the final table, getting some decent cards. I play tight and players drop around me. Pretty soon I look up and we're down to 3! I'm middle stack with $35k, big has $60+ and small is $15. Small stack pushes with small pair, big calls with overcards and hits. Now it's down to 2. He's got a 2 to 1 lead, and we battle a couple of hands. Then I'm in the big, he puts me all in and I see 55.... Call!

He shows A9o, flop is J67, Turn 8 so we both have straight draws... River is an Ace and I'm out in 2nd! Not bad, though, and I took home $945.

Any games going on this Friday or Saturday? Let me know if so, cause I'm interested!

-David "Kid"
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