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I wanted to start a thread on each one of the events that are being aired on ESPN for the forum to discuss, give our thoughts, comments, props, etc. etc. and so on.

I'm recording each one of the events, so I can go back and watch them over and over again! (the Wifey loves that don’t you know)

So, event 3, here were my thoughts on it.

As saddened as I was to see that Phil Gordon went out rather early in the final table, I still think this event was all about Phil Gordon.

RoShamBo... brilliant!
Organizes a pre-tourney roshambo charity tourney with all the players! Nothing like a little side action to spice up a room with 125 poker tables in it. As though the WSOP was a little dry and needed a little side action. Then, to top it off, takes a hundred bucks off a player at the table with a side bet, best out of three for roshambo. Absolutely loved that.

In the hand with CT Law. CT raises him, he reraises and is semi short stacked holding K/Qo. Phil moves all in, and CT calls him thinking he's on a flush draw (2 diamonds on the board) when in fact they share the K and he out kicks him with the Q over CT's 10. They both flip over and Phil says "Phil Gordon is 93% to win" followed by Norman Chad commentating... "How does he know that?!??! It says right there on the screen and I don't even know that!?!?!?!" Normon... you didn't know your ex wife’s middle name... let alone poker percentages!
Loved that! That is where I wish my math skills and game were. When you can spout out exact odds and percentages right off the top of your head like it is second nature. He doubles up on that hand, but was later knocked out.

The other thing I loved seeing and thought it was great that ESPN took the time to put together was the program that Phil organizes where 1% of players winnings goes to cancer research and prevention foundation (Bad Beat on Cancer ) in memory of the woman that taught him to play poker. This I think is 100% top notch. A sign of a true gentleman and someone doing something for the community and giving something back. I respect this, not only because I lost my Mother to cancer but that he rally’s for all the other players to do the same and instead of him doing 1%, he does 2% of his winnings.

He went out with Aces, but did it with style, class and dignity.
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