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Well, I figured I was pushing my luck a bit, but decided to head over to the derby on my short day today to see if I could extend my good fortune a bit. I actually talked myself into throwing a couple of racksa at the 8/16 game, but discovered that they didn't have it going so I sat in for some 4/8.

The cards ran pretty cold for most of my 4/8 game. I looked up and saw Worm sneak in said "Hey" and he talked me into signing up for the NL game. I balked at first since I didn't bring most of my new XL BR with me, but thought "Hey, I can throw a couple racks at that game too" so I signed up. I was down $150 in the 4/8 game when they called us for the new NL table. A couple sucky beats, but mostly just freezing cards. Yeah, lets go play some NL. Good thinkin'....

Sit down at the table with Worm and 7 other players. The table was pretty solid overall, not too crazy, not too tight. Worm lost the better part of his buy-in when he thought HE was slow playing HIS flopped trips but it turned out that his kicker was crap. REBUY!

I saw nothing but crap for the first 2 or 3 orbits, so I was just sizing people up. I must have won small pot, but pretty much noithing to get excited about. I finally get a decent hand (KJs in late position) and played the hand like a complete idiot. I decided to raise and just raised the minimum. (WTF was I thinking?) For some reason I just froze up. I got 1 or 2 callers including my soon to be nemisis for the table. He was probably the biggest fish at the table, but had managed to get really lucky on a few hands and had built a stack and was feeling invincable. The flop came J44. He checked and I bet $30. He came back at me for $30 more. WTF? He cant have a 4. AJ? Just can't be, can it? Over pair? Maybe. I just couldn't put him on anything and somehow convinced myself that he put me on an AK type of hand. I consider firing over the top of him. But decide to just call, pretty much knowing that I would likely be risking the last $50 of my stack on the next card. Turn is a blank and sure enough, he bets me all-in. It felt like a "go away" bet, so I called and it turns out he did have a 4. A4o. Terrible limp and call on his part, but I screwed the hand up on every street. I can handle getting hosed on my own mistakes. REBUY!

Win a couple small pots and then I look down in early position to find AA. I just limp in hoping to be able to limp/raise. 1 other limper and then sure enough, my nemisis fires a $20 raise from the small blind. I raise it up to $50 and he calls. The flop comes a very ugly 9TK and fires a $50 bet at me. WTF. I figure he just got real lucky, but he could easily have AK or worse, so I go all-in again. I only have $57 so he pretty much has to call even though I could see he knew he was way behind when he made the crying call. I toss my AA up and he says nice hand. Turn - blank. Turn....Q. "I just rivered you man....." QQ. So now I get to pay for his mistake too. He played that hand awful (what in the world did he think I had that I would limp raise that that flop didn't at least help?), but instead of getting a little payback, Hagar gets absolutley fucked. It was a 6 outer (a J would have given him the straight) but come on! Do I have to get hosed ugly every time I play a big pot? (No, I'm not forgetting Monday's hot run, but even during that run I lost a $200 pot on an ugly beat). So Qs on the river have cost me $400 this week.

I just left. There's no fucking way I was putting one more dime on any table after that shit. Yeah, I'm still steaming, but I'll get over it.

I just wish the poker gods would come down and face me for a change. :x

I hope Worm made a better go of it then I did.

(BTW, Dino was in town for the Holidays (he toook my seat) and said he'll be back in action in Feb.)
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