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So Quads calls me up and we decide to drive up the hill to DC in Auburn. Only my second time there, and I still love this place.

Phil (the owner) was really friendly, and after getting us on the 2/3 NL list he showed us the work he's doing with the old bar next door. It's great! Installed a new long bar, nice tiled area with 5 tables, tvs, etc. and the usual goodies that he always has going there. It's like a home game! Want a soda? it's in the fridge. Hey, I ordered some pizzas! Good stuff.

So Quads and I get on the feeder 2/3 NL game. The tourney is just getting over, and they open a third game for a bit, but that fizzles.

We're both doing pretty well, up maybe $100-200 each, and it's a good time of chatting and playing cards. We noticed that the game is VERY beatable up there. People call raises with almost anything, love to go "ALL IN!", and show down all sorts of junk. I got good action on my flopped sets and even TPTK.

So I have AQs UTG, I raise it up to like $10. 1 calller. Flop comes QQ3. I check, he goes all in for $60 or so. I call quickly, flip up my AQs. Turn blank, river Q to fill up my Quad QQQQA! I'm draggin the pot, and they say, high hand! Cool, I win the pot and something else? Yeah! I guess for the last couple of months or so the high hand of the day (instead of getting $100) gets a free seat into a 50 person tourney. I was like 49th, so the thing is almost over. Anyway, 50 person tourney, and winner gets a paid entry to the 2006 WSOP main plus $1000! Yeah! So now in Nov. I'm gonna have to play my A game so I can secure that spot and represent BYOC! in the big one.

5000 starting stack, 25/50 blinds 20 min rounds... should be a good tourney. Anyone have any pointers for tourney success? I'm a decent player, but can always use the input!

Anyway, all in all a great fun night. Quads took some bad beats, but I stayed out of trouble and hit the hands I needed to, cashed out +$380 and that seat. Man, this game is beatable! Later in the night around 1 or so, it was down to about 7 of us, and Phil and a dealer were playing, and the table was a lot harder. Phil's a WSOP braclet holder, excellent player. the off duty dealer was also very good and made some good reads.

But when this place is busy (6-12) you can easily milk it!


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(I moved your post over to the "casinos" folder)

That place is very beatable, but you gotta avoid the fishy beats. There will be plenty. There's a handfull of decent players that come in there, but there's enough ATM action guys to feed everyone.

Phil is a very tough player. The other guy (if it's the same guy I'm thinking off (30ish, on the heavy side?) has his moments both ways. I've seen him make some great plays and seen him make some real fishy ones as well. I think he just about lives there between dealing and playing.

I liked playing there, but it's quite a ways from my place and the 2/3 structure is pushing it for a $100 buy-in.

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I sweat to god they we were playing with a pinochle deck. Honest to Christ, there were 6 or 7 quads that showed up that night.

By the end of the night there is quite a bit of money on the table. Somewhere in the 2 to 3K range. Nothing but opportunity.

Yes, I managed to build a stack up to about $600 and took some tough beats getting outdrawn, went on tilt, got in a few pots I shouldn't have, but that's poker at times. B I I can say is if you are willing to make the (short) drive up there (Auburn), it's a very juicy game, very beatable, and... and.... they spread Omaha anytime there is interest.

They also run Daily Tourneys that are nice payouts. The one we walked into last night was paying 1st in the range of $550 or so. (20 people entry / $40 and 60 buy ins are their tourneys)
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