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  1. Poker, Gaming, and Other Tables
    Hiya! Seeing as I'm not able to find a stock gaming table that fit my needs I've decided to roll my own :D This is the design I have come up with after thinking about it non-stop for 2 weeks (seriously)! I need a great deal of advice as my woodworking skills are non-existent. So here goes...
  2. Poker, Gaming, and Other Tables
    Hey guys I just started working on this craps table and thought you guys would be interested in seeing it! Let me know if you have any suggestions to help improve the table. I can post more pictures if you guys are interested.
  3. Poker, Gaming, and Other Tables
    Hi! I've been lurking here quite a while, getting ideas for gaming tables. I think this one is done enough to make a long-winded post about it, so here goes my entry. A little history first.... just a little. I grew up in New Jersey, and it was nice to enjoy the casinos only 75 minutes or so...
  4. Poker, Gaming, and Other Tables
    Hey there PMC Community, I just joined and this place is great. The craftsmanship around here is out of control. I’m getting ready to dive into my first table top and i've got a couple basic questions on table top construction before I begin. First and foremost, let me explain the setup. I...
  5. Showcase - Before and After
    ive been looking around here for some time and since have gotten the needed inspiration to turn our bonus room in the basement to a mini cave. I had a finished 12x14 room to start with. Here is a couple pics of the final product i will try to get some of the transformation up soon. The bar top...
  6. Poker, Gaming, and Other Tables
    table summary: The table measures 58" wide outside rail to outside rail. the table will have a hardwood top that will incorporate an apron to cover the padded rail on the side. points of interest: There were a few things that were a tight squeeze. such as the suited cloth. there was exactly...
1-6 of 6 Results