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  1. Design, Plan and Build the Perfect Man Cave
    Hey all, this is a followup to a thread I started about flow rates a while back. I'm upgrading my plumbing and adding lines for a future bar in the basement cave and i've been puzzling over why my house seems to be deficient. I did what I should have done weeks ago and got a pressure tester...
  2. Other Projects Indoors or Out
    Hey guys, just checking back in hoping there might be a plumber out there who can read this and offer a little advice. I upgraded my downstairs bathtub fixture from a cheap Delta fixture that was only giving me about 2.3gpm which took an eternity to fill the tub to a Jalco dual control fixture...
  3. Other Projects Indoors or Out
    Hey Gents, I just replaced about 96% of the pipes in my 50+ year old house from original galvanized to copper. While I have a reasonable knowledge of basic plumbing systems I don't really know to much about what to expect in the gallon per minute department on the average when it comes to...
1-3 of 3 Results