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  1. ABC Gifts and Awards
    The Nevada Jacks Thanksgiving Weekend Supersale is now on! These prices are chips at prices so low I think I might have lost my mind! Check out the details at: Nevada Jacks Thanksgiving Supersale Thanks, Gene
  2. ABC Gifts and Awards
    Hi Everyone- Time for a 1 cent no reserve auction for a 500 chip Nevada Jacks set! It's a complete set...500 chips (you choose denomination breakdown), deck of NJ plastic cards, dealer button, and card guard! NEVADA JACK 1 CENT AUCTION You can't pass this up! :cool: Thanks, Gene
  3. ABC Gifts and Awards
    Well, the reality is there's no way I'm going to be able to do all the price changes for the Black Friday sale at any point tomorrow, so I went ahead and did them all now. The Black Friday sale is now on! It lasts through Monday. Almost everything on the site is on sale...crazy low pricing...
1-3 of 3 Results