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  1. ABC Gifts and Awards
    We are happy to announce a new semi-custom poker chip design is now available through Nevada Jacks: The Nevada Jacks Diamond Club customized poker chips! All of the text on these chips can be customized to your requests. Please visit the link above for more details!
  2. ABC Gifts and Awards
    I decided to take the time to photograph one of the sets we did today...hardly ever step back and enjoy this stuff. This one was too hard to pass up! Custom chips, plaques, and dealer button to add on to the customer's existing set.
  3. ABC Gifts and Awards
    Here's your chance to get a 500 chip set of Chipco chips for a bargain low as a penny!? Chipco Tournament Players Club Poker Chips Thanks, and good luck! -Gene
  4. ABC Gifts and Awards
    Well, the reality is there's no way I'm going to be able to do all the price changes for the Black Friday sale at any point tomorrow, so I went ahead and did them all now. The Black Friday sale is now on! It lasts through Monday. Almost everything on the site is on sale...crazy low pricing...
  5. ABC Gifts and Awards
    Hi Everyone- We've got a ton of used chip trays available...99 cents each plus shipping. Pretty much no limit...Jim used these during production, but it's not part of my process. The trays fit 100 customized poker chips from Nevada Jacks or custom poker chips from ABC Gifts and Awards. I don't...
  6. ABC Gifts and Awards
    Hi Everyone- For those of you who are on Facebook, be sure to Like our new Nevada Jacks Poker Supply facebook page! We'll be adding new product announcements, specials, and discount codes! Thanks, Gene
  7. ABC Gifts and Awards
    It is with great excitement that I can now announce that we have acquired Nevada Jacks! After starting our personalized gifts and awards business, we quickly began to focus on the poker industry. Through time, custom poker chips became our biggest product, and we have become known in poker...
  8. ABC Gifts and Awards
    We did some samples for a customer who designed some awesome are a few photos that I figured I'd share. Personally I don't care for the "Chipco white ring", but he's worried about wear over time. -Gene
1-8 of 8 Results