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  1. Wet Bars, Kegerators, Neon, and Everything Else
    BAMBOO TIKI HOME BAR + three stools/Indoor/outdoor use. Hand crafted imported | eBay
  2. Design, Plan and Build the Perfect Man Cave
    I've never built anything with wood so I'm trying to compensate by planning this out as much as possible. I'm a 3d animator so I created a digital model of my basement and built the bar digitally. I'm planning on building the real thing now (if the wife approves), so I'd like to know if there...
  3. Design, Plan and Build the Perfect Man Cave
    Hey everyone, * New member here. I joined the site because I'm about to start on a big project and would love to get feedback and advice from some professionals. * The plan is to build a one story 20' x 20' building with a 6 ft deep front porch. It will have a false front/parapet making it look...
  4. Design, Plan and Build the Perfect Man Cave
    Long time lurker here. I've been lurking on this forum for about 6 months now. Definitely some sweet caves here. I'm just starting my cave. Just moved into this house about 2 months ago and the wifey gave the go ahead to do "whatever I want" to the basement. Bathroom was the only fully...
1-4 of 4 Results