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Default Re: Starting the tourney as a short stack

Unfortunately, I was not able to win but did make the final table...which isn't much of a feat considering we started with 14 players and merged the final table when we got down to 9.

I started out with 3 of the top 4 stacks at my table which I was okay fact, I started out in position against 2 of those stacks but as it turns out, you actually need cards if you are going to do any damage. (I am not the best note-taker but did manage to jot a few things down between hands).

Within the first 3 rounds, it started to become quite laughable on how many deuces showed up in my joke, I think after about a half/dozen I started counting and ended up around 16 hands in a row roughly with a 2 in it. Never won a hand but never really played a hand besides the blinds and a min call every now and then.

By the end of the first break, I was only down 2k and had won exactly 1 pot without having to show....I haven't even been involved in a showdown at this point. It was a nice looking hidden straight on the turn but I only ended up winning the minimum.

Blinds 1k-2k....slightly below my starting stack. In MP and folds to me so I bump it to 6k. Only BB calls (one of the larger stacks). Flop is rags..BB checks, I bet 6k, call. Turn rag (no straights/flush), BB checks again and I was under the impression he didn't have much of anything so I tossed out 12k. He pondered for a few minutes and finally threw it down....said he had AK lol

Same blinds....Sitting around 70k. Folds to me on the button and I look and see JJ. Bet out 6k and SB calls. Flop comes QAA. SB checks and I toss out 9k....insta call....that's all I need to know. Turn is rag...check check. River is another A. SB bets out, I instafold....she flips up AK for quads.

Blinds 1k-2k still. EP limps as do I in MP with 77....everyone else folds except the blinds. 4 handed. Flop 885 rainbow. Checked around I bet 5k....fold, fold, 1 caller. Turn is a K...check check....river is an A. Villian tossed out 10k and I couldn't find myself to make a call. I was left with 40k after this hand with the blinds going up to 2k-4k on the very next hand. I don't know what the V ended up having but I don't think my hand would have beat his at showdown. I may have lost an opportunity to win the pot on the turn but by the time the river came out, I am quite positive I did not have the best hand. hand I had was AQ and everyone folded. I did manage to steal some blinds to stay afloat of about 50k going to 3k-6k. All 14 players still remain.

Doubled up with KJ vs QT off a bigger up to 80k. Last hand before the 2nd break....I see A9 and toss out 22k, I take down the blinds. Go into the break with 98k (next level 4k-8k). I am feeling pretty good at this point.

4-8k - not much....stealing every now and then to hover around even. Last year's winner who was one of the top 4 stacks coming in was directly to my right and seemed to be getting the other half of the cold deck with me. Everyone folds, and he ends up jamming his SB for 27k so I called for 19k more with A2. He flips up A8. I spike a deuce and last year's champ is first player out. Can't believe it took that long.

Blinds are now 5-10k and am sitting around 110k stack...until this hand...I can't completely remember the sequence but there was a 3way all in with two lower chip stacks than my self. I had A9s vs KJ vs 55. Of course, the first card in the window was the 5.

This hand, I believe, was the key turning point of the tournament. That pot was ~ 100k and that would have put me in the range of around 170k. Instead it knocked me down to about 60k with still 10 people left. The 55 guy that won that hand...ended up winning the tourney.

Finally hit the final table...blinds are now 10k-20k and I have 57k....on life support now. Due to the redraw, I get to see a few hands for free before I need to make a move. I look down at KQs and move in. Everyone folds and I am happy to get some extra chips from the blinds as the SB folds...but the BB (same guy with 55) insta calls and, you guessed it, he had AA. I did hit a K on the flop but no other help. First one out on the final table.

Watched most of the FT until it ended but didn't bother taking any more notes or really paying attention to plays. However, the most interesting part of the whole night is that the players who ended Heads up at the end of the night; they were the 2 lowest chip stacks going into the tourney (also 2 of the weaker players in the league) but they made the right moves and got the cards at the right time so my hat goes off to them. Both started with 40k where the starting average was around 75k
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Old 04-13-2016, 02:28 PM
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Default Re: Starting the tourney as a short stack

Nice run. Sometimes you just run into aces. That's the way it goes. Sounds like a good time.
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