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Default Mini-racetrack Table

I've had most of the materials for a new poker table for over a year now (even a custom cloth!), but last year really sucked on numerous levels with regards to having any free time to build. This year I'm resolved to getting it built, so I wanted to get a thread going to help give myself a kick in the ass to get started.

I run a monthly tourney that typically draws at least a dozen people, so the new table will serve as a second table to this table. One of the reasons I've been lackadaisical in getting started is that I actually have a pretty kick-ass second table:

I picked this up off craigslist a couple of years ago, screaming good deal. The only "real" flaw was that the previous owner's cat used a portion of the rail as a scratching post:

The other "flaw" is that my guys hate the custom cloth - they say it feels & looks awesome, but the card slide isn't as nice as SSC. Considering the price I picked it up for, the table has already paid for itself, but I do plan on salvaging portions of the table to save me some work & time. The pedestals are gorgeous and in mint condition, so those will be staying, as will the exposed "base" sheet with the chrome decorative nails thats finished to match the pedestals. That will serve as the base for the new table, so the overall dimensions will stay the same.

The new table will be a racetrack style, though the racetrack will only be a little over 3" wide. That should be just enough room to line up two rows of chips on the track, and cards can stay on the felt so they're easier to pick up. I'm planning on a birch racetrack with a black dye stain - I've done some test pieces and got this really neat look where it's dark enough to look solid black from a distance, but you can see the swirly grains when you're up close. I'm also planning on installing small pearl inlays (like what you'd see on a guitar fret board) to mark each player position on the track.

I will probably try to recycle some of the rail components, but the rail will be completely redone. Aside from the vinyl damage, the rail is only ~4.5" wide, and I really prefer a nice wide rail on my tables. The rail will be raised with led lighting behind a suited diffuser around the inside portion of the rail, and I will try to incorporate cup holders in the rail if I can fit them. Rail will be covered in padded suede.

I've got just about all the materials except the racetrack plywood, and hope to get started soon.
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